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E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 10

Art- the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and imagination.

The world of gaming and esports is undoubtedly one of the most influential cultural phenomena in the world today. Its reach spans to every corner of the globe and has inspired millions in the form of every medium of content and pop culture, including art. E.S.G. honors this creative expression as we feature a community of talented artists, illustrators, designers and creatives who have used their vast imaginations to create stunning esports and gaming related art.

In this edition, we look at the work of English freelance graphic designer Medz.

E.S.G Art Series Medz Graphic Designer
E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 11

What started as a hobby turned into a passion—a way of life—for United Kingdom’s promising graphic designer Medz. In his early run, he made thumbnails for YouTube videos, becoming increasingly more addicted with each one completed. Having gained confidence and experience, he joined teams in the community to further nurture his skills, oftentimes working for free. Now, as a flourishing designer, the young artist has become a pillar of a passionate group of creatives across the industry.

Through trial-and-error and a massive supportive following, Medz has firmly etched his creative essence into the very core of the gaming community.

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 12

This is my most recent header I made for Swagg, a FaZe member. In my opinion it’s my cleanest and best work to date and I really enjoyed making it! 🙂 – Medz

Branding is everything in esports {and business in general}. 19-year-old graphic designer Medz has a firm understanding of this and has mastered the art of illustrating his clients in the best way possible.

This header for Nuke Squad’s ace and FaZe Clan’s own FaZe Swagg is one of MANY iterations of quality precision, ingenuity, and branding in his portfolio. 

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 13

This was a requested wallpaper that I designed for Santana, another content creator in FaZe. This is my most decorative and colourful piece and I think the design really pops! – Medz

Sizzling; dynamic; tantalizing… shall I keep going?

This wallpaper design for Santana, one of FaZe’s newest signees as a member of the Nuke Squad, is an explosive display of artistry. Such creativity and innate ability to consistently produce such refined work is one of many reasons why Medz is one of the most highly regarded in the esports design community.

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 14

On the surface, this is a splendid design of an Atlanta FaZe controller powered by SCUF, the industry-leading innovator of high-performance gaming accessories. But in art (and even writing), it’s never quite that simple; there’s often a deeper meaning to what the eyes behold. Here’s the deeper meaning (to me, at least):

This graphic represents the control of one’s craft, the ability to conceptualize an idea and execute. England’s own Medz has total control over his craft—his art. **drops the mic**

I enjoy making art because I’m able to interact with new people every single day. I’ve managed to work with people who I’ve grew up watching online and who have inspired me. Working with the likes of people in FaZe has been a crazy experience to me and I look forward to continuing my journey as a designer!

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 15

Headers are a highly coveted asset in gaming, so many content creators, streamers, and gamers alike use them for their personal branding. Thus, the art of creating them is a valuable discipline in itself, and Medz is a maestro at doing so. This header of the sensational Pokimane is as crisp, clean, and compact as any header you’ll find.

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 16

I made this header for FaZe Sway a few months ago. I used to design very closely with Sway, doing all his thumbnails for his channel etc and we became fairly close and did a lot of work together over time! – Medz

FaZe Sway is one of the most prominent names in the Fortnite scene, and this header does the legend justice. It’s a high-spirited design with distinct style and a powerful surge of sapphire supremacy.

The dictionary defines the word “sway” as ‘rule; govern.’ This header is a brilliant declaration of excellence courtesy of the kings of design and Fortnite respectively.  

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 17

This was a thumbnail that FaZe Apex commissioned me to make for his youtube channel. I had to manipulate the handcuffs onto FaZe Banks’ hand to make believe he was arrested in the thumbnail 🙂 – Medz

✔️ High-definition images

✔️ Good balance of Color and Brightness

✔️ Intriguing Text

✔️ Using Emotions

In other words, this is a perfectly executed clickbait thumbnail. It attracts attention and entices the user to engage with a deceptive idea or concept; a job well done.

About the Artist

E.S.G Art Series: Medz, Graphic Designer 18

19-year-old Lewis Meddings, better known artistically as Medz, is a freelance graphic designer from Birmingham, England. His designing journey started in 2016 creating thumbnails as a hobby, and he has since become one of the community’s most respected and sought-after designers. His work can be seen scattered all across the branding of some of the top names in gaming, including FaZe Clan’s finest like FaZe Sway, FaZe Blaze, FaZe Apex, FaZe Nikan, FaZe Rug, FaZe Megga, FaZe Swagg, & more. His ties run deepest with Sway, as the two worked closely for many of his graphics, and now he works closely with Apex, one of the owners of FaZe.

Whether it’s announcement designs, 3D thumbnails or social media headers, Medz has proven that he has the versatile skill set to do them all effectively and efficiently. With an impressive track record of quality work, and a large, supportive community of followers, Medz is undoubtedly one of the brightest talents in the game. He’s currently a freelance graphic designer for Misfits Gaming and content & competitive gaming team Chronic.

Also, he’s followed on Twitter by OREO and Papa Johns.

Medz’ ultimate goal is to join FaZe, and his grind to do so is insatiable. He recently started a project to make a daily FaZe Clan design to keep himself busy and sharp. The young designer is motivated by the thought of joining the brand he’s marveled over since the age of 10 trickshotting just like the OGs did. His dedication and passion drives him, and he’s pledged to work to make that dream a reality.


You can check out more of Medz’ work here.

Twitter: @medzz

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