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E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer

Art- the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The world of gaming and esports is undoubtedly one of the most influential cultural phenomenons in the world today. Its reach spans to every corner of the globe and has inspired millions in the form of every medium of content and pop culture, including art. E.S.G. honors this creative expression as we feature a community of talented artists, illustrators, and creatives who have used their vast imaginations to create stunning esports and gaming related art.

In this edition, we look at the work of 17-year-old 3D Graphic Designer from Germany MakiDZN

Esports and Gaming Art
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 12
MakiDzn 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 13

‘’Savin’ The BEES’’

This is my most recent design and I chose it to be one of my favorites, because I really like the colors of it. Especially the golden honey color and the yellow-black color scheme representing the bees. I created this design, because I came across this shaker and I imagined that the colors would look great. Then I realized that this shaker is not available anymore, so I thought I could ‘’revive’’ the shaker and the idea behind it. – MakiDZN

This design does the official energy drink of esports justice with its sweet concept and crisp look. There is perhaps no entity buzzing with more support for the entire esports and gaming landscape than G FUEL.

Makidzn1 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 14
Makidzn2 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 15

‘’Pokémon Shoe’’

This is one of my favorites, because the idea of making a shoe that matches a specific Pokémon is very interesting to me and I think I did a good job at it. The main Inspiration came from the Marowak Pokémon as I tried to build the shoe out of the parts of it. It also reminded me of dinosaurs and fossils, that’s why I made that desert environment in the background. I tried to recreate bone and reptile leather materials.

This is a design I made for a RTFKT Challenge. – MakiDZN

Everything about this Pokémon-inspired design is amazing. Its unique theme and concept incorporating a fitting desert environment adds a brilliant touch of innovation to compliment the likeness of the Pokémon Marowak. Shoe game strong! #AirMarowaks

Makidzn3 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 16

‘’G Fuel Winterfest’’

I really like this design because it is one of my first concept-designs and the colors work together very well. I made this in December and got inspired by one of G Fuel’s product posts made by @ZurijjMedia. I thought that creating a concept flavor for the winter season would be a fun idea and I tried to make it as realistic as possible. The challenge for me here was to create my own label matching the winter theme. – MakiDZN

I could just imagine what a sip of ‘Winterfest’ G Fuel would taste like– a deep, rich, sweet-yet-tart complexity with hints of peppermint, raspberry, and a touch of lightly carbonated sizzle. I got the flavor covered, and Maki has the designs. G Fuel, make it happen!

‘’Crash G Fuel’’

This was my first attempt at mixing a product animation with a character animation. It’s one of my favorites because it is something I’ve never done before and it turned out well. This design with its colors reminded me of my childhood where I used to play games such as Super Mario. It was also a challenge for me to recreate a matching environment in the comic style of the character.

I made it because at that time G Fuel made a challenge where artists should create something with their new flavor and I thought that this could be a great entry. I was not expecting to win something as I am not from the USA and can’t participate in these challenges, but they gave me the idea for it. They rewarded me with my first feature on their Twitter page and that really made it worth the effort. – MakiDZN

The versatility of the German artist is on full display with this 3D animation featuring the legend himself, Crash Bandicoot. It perfectly emulates the aesthetics of the character’s world and is a super clean visual for G Fuel’s Crash inspired flavor, ‘Wumpa Fruit.’ G Fuel loved it so much that they reposted it on their Twitter page.

Since I was a little child me and my twin brother always drew our own Super Mario Levels and we both had many ideas for it. When I got older and got my first laptop for Christmas, I continued to draw but digitally. When Fortnite blew up I got very interested in 3D art because I always wanted to know how they create the characters.  My brother was not that interested in drawing anymore and now he is currently learning game development and maybe in the future we both can make our own concept game. – MakiDZN

Makidzn4 1 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 17

‘’G Fuel Dakotaz’’

 This design is one of my favorites because the idea behind it worked out well and I also received very much support for it. The official G Fuel Instagram and Twitter Page featured it and that gave me much more confidence in my designs and motivation to create more.

This was an attempt to put some of their products in a gaming environment. Here I made the gaming room of a famous streamer because I remade his custom shaker. I also created his logo in 3D as he often has that in the back of his stream, made him a custom chair as well as having his steam opened on the main monitor. – MakiDZN

This three-dimensional masterpiece has a super crisp look. Like all of Maki’s designs, this one has much depth to it, as well as a refined landscape. It draws inspiration from big-time streamer and content creator @dakotaz and was even given the spotlight on both G Fuel’s Twitter and Instagram.

Makidzn5 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 18

‘’Nike x Limit’’

This was my first design fashion and merch related. I made it for the Gaming Team @OfficialLimitGG . It’s one of my favorites because the team colors worked very well together with the Nike shoe I chose. It should give a graffiti-vibe that’s why I added some sparks onto some parts to have more detail in the design. My inspiration was videos on YouTube where people hydro dipped shoes to customize them that’s why I made these blue drips on the design. – MakiDZN

This Nike shoe concept is literally dripping with a limitless amount of swag, flair, and finesse. Its slick design has an intriguing, subtle yet flashy look, that is perfectly complemented with the light blue sparks. I’d definitely cop!  

Makidzn6 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 19

‘’Sad Sway’’

This is a thumbnail I made for one of Faze Sway’s thumbnail challenges. Since Fortnite design got me into 3D art I can’t leave this one out. It’s also a very recent thumbnail I made and I had a lot of fun creating it. I really like the colors in it and working with wetness and reflections although it was challenging to make it look good. This should show some sort of dark alley the character is walking through and Gotham city from the Batman movies was my main inspiration for it. – MakiDZN

This design’s creative blend of colors, reflections, and rain is a fascinating display of environmental art and yet another glaring example of Maki’s artistic versatility.

About the Artist

Makidzn7 1 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 20

Marcus Graber, otherwise known as MakiDZN, is a 17-year-old 3D graphic designer from Germany. Graber got his start designing with Photoshop when he was 14, but has since evolved into a fantastic 3D artist and has been creating 3D designs for a year now. As a young kid, Maki drew inspiration from Super Mario and would frequently draw his own levels of the game with his twin brother. Years later, the young German credits the introduction of Fortnite for his interest in 3D art. He is also a thumbnail designer for United Kingdom-based esports organization TT9 Esports.

Makidzn8 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 21
Makidzn9 1
E.S.G Art Series: MakiDZN, 3D Graphic Designer 22

You can check out more Maki creations here.

Twitter: @MakiDZNS


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