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DWG KIA Shuts Down Gen.G in Dominating Fashion

League of Legends juggernauts in the LCK do not face each other often. When they do, the series is always of massive importance, and usually gives fans a show. This week’s showdown between DWG KIA and Gen.G was no exception, with the former taking the win in dominating fashion.

DWG Kia beats GenG 1
Image courtesy of Riot Games

Having been swept by Fredit BRION less than a week ago, DWG Kia came into this series eager to right its previous wrongs. The same can be said of Gen.G, which was looking to bounce back after being obliterated by Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and Hanwha Life Esports in its previous set. 

A 52-Minute Banger 

52 minute banger
Image courtesy of Riot Games

With two League of Legends titans, fans were expecting this series to be a banger, and boy did it deliver, in Game One at least. 

The match opened with a very questionable Gen.G team composition. Its lineup, consisting of Quinn, Lillia, Syndra, Xayah and Rakan, had no form of a front line. By

drafting this way, Gen.G locked itself into playing a very meticulous and difficult game, essentially digging themselves in a hole. Meanwhile, DWG KIA had drafted itself a very standard and meta composition: Gnar, Nidalee, Orianna, Kai’Sa and Alisar. The only path to victory for Gen.G was to avoid full on teamfights at all costs, which would not be easy against the 2020 World Champions. 

However, due to some rare DWG KIA clumsiness, the early game went almost perfectly for Gen.G. The team was consistently catching out and picking off the DWG members one at a time, creating small advantage after small advantage that began to pile up. The lack of a front line was no issue, because the teams weren’t actually teamfighting. 

Eventually, the DWG members began to wake up from the naps they were taking and play the game how they should have been the whole time. They grouped up, stuck together and forced Gen.G to fight them head on if they wanted to contest objectives. 

This worked, and despite getting so far behind early on, DWG KIA was able to slowly and steadily regain control of the map. This methodical takeover was very slow paced, as the players were incredibly cautious to not get picked off like they did in the laning phase. However, one mistake wound up kicking off a chain of events that would spell disaster for DWG. 

With DWG’s slow takeover dipping past the 50-minute mark, the game laid on a knife’s edge. While the map did essentially belong to DWG, one unchecked minion wave gave Gen.G the priority to walk up to the Baron Pit and start taking it. 

DWG KIA was just too slow to rotate, and Gen.G took a free baron for itself, and the game-ending fight would ensue moments later. With the Baron buff on the Gen.G members, DWG bot laner Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun got way too cocky and attempted to solo kill Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. Ghost promptly failed, died, and the rest of DWG soon followed Ghost to the grave, and the game was over moments later. DWG had spent over a half hour avoiding these small skirmishes, yet managed to throw it all away with a single one. 

Classic DAMWON Domination 

Although Game One ended in disaster for DWG, the champion squad showed off their mental resilience, coming back strong after that devastating hour-long match beforehand. 

DAMWON Gaming won the 2020 World Championship by using earlygame leads to take complete and utter map control and blocking the enemy from any openings. Even through its rebrand to DWG KIA and replacement of top laner Jang ‘Nuguri” Ha-gwon, DWG still uses this tactic today. All it takes is the slightest lead, and DWG will just cut off the enemy and win. 

Today, all it took was a single press of the “R” key. In an early contest for the Rift Herald, DWG top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha found a massive engage, stunning four Gen.G members with the Gnar ultimate, winning the fight nearly single-handedly. 

After that advantage, it was essentially game over for Gen.G as DWG gave it no room to work with, and the series moved to 1-1. 

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Anything You can do I can do better
Image courtesy of Riot Games

Udyr is a pick that’s becoming increasingly popular among League of Legends junglers around the world. Gen.G jungler Sung “Flawless” Yeon-ju pulled it out in Game Two to pretty much no success. 

In Game Three, DWG jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu followed up Flawless’ Udyr pick by selecting it himself. The difference between the two picks, however, was DWG’s ability to draft around Udyr, which allowed Canyon to be facilitated by his teammates. 

Gen.G’s Game Two composition with Udyr was as follows: Sion, Udyr, Azir, Kai’Sa and Sett. 

DWG’s composition in Game Three was: Ornn, Udyr, Viktor, Kai’Sa and Seraphine. 

The two comps are very similar, but have some key differences. Ornn has more potential with his knock-ups and CC, than Sion has to set up Udyr. The same goes for Viktor and Seraphine, the two other differences in the teams’ lineups. 

Because of this, DWG’s draft in Game Three felt very much like Gen.G’s in Game Two, only better. Just like in Game Two, DWG jumped out to the early lead and never looked back, securing the crucial series victory. 

With the win, DWG KIA jumps up to No. 2 in the LCK standings, behind only Hanwha Life Esports. Gen.G moves down to fourth, sitting behind DRX. DWG KIA will face Hanwha on Friday, which is sure to be an epic battle for first place. On the other side, Gen.G will look to halt its losing streak against Liiv SANDBOX on Saturday. 

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