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Doublelift Rejoined TSM as a Content Creator and Streamer

Doublelift 1
Courtesy of LCS

The legendary ad carry Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng is coming back to content creation after his competitive retirement. TSM has announced his return as a full-time creator and streamer with a video clip shared on the team’s official social media channels.

The announcement video refers back to Doublelift’s first signings with TSM back in 2015 and then displays sections from the former player’s streams. “We’re incredibly excited to welcome Doublelift back to TSM as a full-time content creator and streamer,” TSM said.

After TSM’s 0-6 run in Worlds 2020, right after Bjergsen became the team’s coach, Doublelift revealed his surprising retirement from professional play. Since then, he’s been focusing on content creation on Twitch. Even though he mostly streams League of Legends, his LCS co-stream has drawn a ton of attention from his audience recently. 

Doublelift has one of the longest careers in League of Legends history. The 27-year-old former player started his career in 2011 by joining CLG as a substitute. After spending two months on several teams, Yilliang rejoined CLG, where his legacy truly began, at the end of 2011. In NA LCS 2015 Summer, Doublelift won the first championship in his career with CLG but became a TSM member the next season.

Having retained great in-game mechanics and remained consistent for so many years, Doublelift plays a huge role in North America’s League of Legend scene. Now, the eight-time LCS champion will continue his streaming career under TSM.

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