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Dota Plus Update for Spring 2021

In a fresh sweep of change, Valve seems to be fulfilling its promises. Valve had promised new features and changes to the DPC app, and its premium subscription service, Dota Plus. With spring around the corner, Valve has added a bunch of new features to Dota Plus.

Dota Spring 2021 1
Image courtesy of Valve

Hero relics have been updated to accommodate changes from past patches and the recent 7.28c update. A new Turbo game mode functionality has been added alongside a seasonal treasure. Guild quests and rewards have also been updated.

Relics Changes

Dota 2 1
Image courtesy of Valve

Dota Plus Hero Relics now let you receive bonus Hero XP for leveling up the Dota Plus voice lines and getting extra shards. Each Relic’s relevant stat can be increased by playing games and each Hero Relic gains a level when you complete the progress bar.

“For example, Axe’s ‘Enemies Culled’ Relic will level up every 50 times you kill an enemy with Culling Blade. When a Relic levels up, you will see an in-game overhead toast showing off the stat, and you will also gain Hero XP,” Valve said. 

Relics of Common rarity give five Hero XP per level up, and Rare relics give 30 Hero XP per level up. Additionally, Relic purchasing has been changed. Earlier, you could use shards to ‘random’ a relic drop and you could receive multiple drops of the same relic. Now players buy random Common Relics for 1,600 Shards and random Rare Relics for 8,000 shards, making the system more streamlined and predictable. Players will also not receive duplicates while randoming the shards.

A lot of Hero Relics have been changed to accommodate the changes brought by older patches. 

Turbo Update

Hero Relics and Challenges now work in Turbo mode because of the popularity of the quick game mode. The community had complained about how unfair it was to play only Normal games to level up tier heroes and relics. Hero Relics now gain progress at half the rate of Normal games during Turbo. Players can also earn up to one star for Hero Challenges.

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure

Dota 3 1
Image courtesy of Valve

As usual, the new season has brought a new treasure exclusively available to Dota Plus subscribers. The Spring 2021 Seasonal Treasure can be purchased with 10,000 shards. The new treasure has sets for Bloodseeker, Windranger, Clockwerk, Slark, Lich, Broodmother, Sand King, Drow Ranger, Pugna, Juggernaut and Magnus. There’s also a new courier, Mango the Newt, a Very Rare drop that comes preloaded with random prismatic and kinetic gems.

Updated Seasonal Quests & Guild Rewards

Dota 4 1
Image courtesy of Valve

The update also includes new Dota Plus quests, letting players earn an additional 115,200 shards throughout the season. The guild rewards for silver, gold and platinum tiers have been overhauled. There are new emoticons and voice lines for players to use.

These new changes are right in the footsteps of the release of Dota’s own anime series titled Dragon’s Blood. You can look at the full update on the official website.

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