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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Coming to Netflix

Dragons Blood
Courtesy of Valve

Riding on the success of the first season, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s Book II is already in the works, according to a tweet by the official Dota 2 account.

While there is currently no release date for the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book II, the tweet also announced the release of the first Dota documentary Free To Play on Netflix. Free To Play follows three international Dota players as they chase their dreams to make a living from esports by winning Dota’s first million-dollar tournament: The International.

The first season was announced in a surprise move by Valve and Netflix had announced on February 17, 2020. Titled DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the series was released on Netflix on March 25.

While the Dota community reacted to the announcement with unprecedented hype and praise, and the release of the series with even more enthusiasm, big critics like The Verge and Slant Magazine deemed the series inaccessible. It seems most critics disagreed, as the series’ average critic score on Rotten Tomatoes is 70%, while the average audience score is a resounding 93%.

It’s been argued that the Dota anime is too esoteric and improperly introduced to be accessible to the general public. Dragon’s Blood has a choppy start and only picks up in the last three episodes, and the end comes too soon. But those last three episodes have showcased enough potential to validate a solid show in the making. Add to it the fact that it’s in Studio MIR’s hands, it’s more than likely the series is yet to show its true colors.

Netflix might be going in for the long haul, setting up a solid – if slow – foundation for the massive world of Dota 2. According to Robert Meyer Burnett who has worked on the series since mid-2019, Dragon’s Blood is already set to receive 20+ episodes, which further corroborates that Netflix is banking on future seasons to make Dota’s world more approachable and appealing to the general public.

As of now, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is coddled only by existing Dota fans, who understand and adore the game’s lore. For the layman, the show is a generic fantasy animated series that fails to show what makes it exceptional. Although the latter might very well change in the near future.

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