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Dota 7.29c Balance Patch Nerfs Beastmaster And Dawnbreaker, Tweaks Items

Dota 7.29c Balance Patch Nerfs Beastmaster And Dawnbreaker, Tweaks Items 2

Dota 2 has the 7.29c gameplay update, tweaking 20 heroes and five items.


The most notable nerf came to the absolutely broken hero, Beastmaster, owing to his Aghsnim’s Scepter upgraded Wild Axes. Scepter no longer provides Wild Axes with bonus damage. To counteract the nerf, Beastmaster’s talents got buffed, and his Inner Beast now provides five additional attack speed per level.

Valora, the Dawnbreaker, got a massive agility nerf, going from 20 plus 2.4 to 14 plus 1.7, in addition to Celestial Hammer’s manacost being increased from 110 to 110/120/130/140. Valora now has 16 less agility at level 15 in 7.29c.

Monkey King got a plus-200 buff to his Tree Dance night vision, in addition to his Boundless Strike cooldown getting rescaled from 22 to 23/22/21/20 alongside a stun duration increase from 0.7/1/1.3/1.6s to 1/1.2/1.4/1.6s.

Broodmother’s Scepter no longer unlocks maximum move speed, leaving Bloodseeker to be the only hero in the game with uncapped move speed. Grimstroke’s Ink Swell got a minor nerf to its move speed and stun duration.

Hoodwink’s Bushwhack got its stun duration, projectile speed and radius increased. Although a buff at the outset, this change messes with the Acorn Shot-Bushwhack combo timing, possibly nerfing it.

Lycan got a plus-10 move speed buff. Although the hero is still a shadow of what it used to be since the removal of Necronomicon, the recent competitive play seems to suggest otherwise.

Queen of Pain got a quality of life change as Scream of Pain range was increased from 525 to 550, matching her attack range. This means that she can now reliably hit creeps she’s attacking with her Scream without having to walk further up. The spell’s manacost was rescaled from 80/100/120/140 to 85/100/115/130.

Apart from these major changes, 14 other heroes received minor tweaks and changes to their abilities.


Sange’s regen amplification in its upgrades got reduced from 30% to 25%, while Solar Crest got its attack speed bonus reduced from 65 to 55. Ring of Basilius’ self mana-regen bonus got reduced from 0.6 to 0.5, and Sentry Ward’s replenish time got reduced by 10 seconds. The Water Rune’s HP/Mana restoration got changed from 100/80 to 80/80.

You can read the full changelog of the 7.29c gameplay patch on the official Dota 2 blog.

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