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Dota 7.29: Dawnbreaker Update Brings New Hero, Gameplay Balance & Map Changes

True to their words, Valve dropped the 7.29 update within a week of the conclusion of the Singapore Major. Dota 2’s Twitter account made the announcement.

Another installment in the series of big updates that Dota receives a few times every year, the Dawnbreaker update brings massive gameplay changes, in addition to introducing the new hero, Valora. There are also tons of item and hero changes, and almost all Shard upgrades have been tweaked or changed completely, in addition to Scepter tweaks or reworks.

New Hero: Valora, The Dawnbreaker

All Images Courtesy of Valve

Valora is a durable, Strength-based carry hero, but interestingly, her kit is very utility oriented. In her skillset, she has a long-charging stun, two of her spells provide healing to allies, and her ult, which gives her global presence.

Map Changes

Dota 7.29: Dawnbreaker Update Brings New Hero, Gameplay Balance & Map Changes 5

The Dawnbreaker update features many map changes to the game. Outposts have moved, juke spots changed, towers slightly shifted, ward cliffs adjusted, and neutral camps and paths redone. These changes should bring a fresh wave of strategy to the game as players find new ward and juke spots, and adapt new macro strategies to accommodate the terrain changes.

Dota 7.29: Dawnbreaker Update Brings New Hero, Gameplay Balance & Map Changes 6

In addition to specific map changes,a new power rune called the Water power rune has been added, spawning only at the two and four-minute marks at both the power rune locations. Using the rune instantly restores 100 health and 80 mana. This rune potentially brings a massive change to the early game laning phase, as carries and supports alike will fight for the rune to keep their farm or map presence going. Expect fewer trips back to the base, and more fighting early game as teams contest this rune.

Gameplay Changes


Here are the major changes shipped with the 7.29 update:

Outposts no longer give XP at fixed times. Instead, they give XP per minute when controlled.

Four Bounty Runes spawn at the start of the game as usual. Afterwards, only two spawn in the respective jungle areas every three minutes.

“Various cast ranges and movement speed talents/items/abilities have been replaced or toned down”, according to the Dota 2 blog post. All these changes are mentioned in line with the hero changes.

TP Scroll cost has been increased from 90 → 100, and heroes start with 1 TP scroll, gaining an additional one with every death.

Roshan drops Aghanim’s Shard on his second death. IceFrog deemed that scouting Rosh with courier was OP, so Couriers no longer get vision inside the Rosh pit.

Captains Mode Radiant-Dire pick phase has been changed from 1st-2nd-1st-2nd to 1st-2nd-2nd-1st. Hoodwink has finally been added to Captains Mode as well. Expect competitive Dota to get spicier.

Neutral Items fly towards the killing hero instead of spawning under the killed unit.

Buyback cost and Courier respawn time has been reduced.


Neutral items have received a variety of tweaks in addition to shop items getting changed.

Image 4 1
Dota 7.29: Dawnbreaker Update Brings New Hero, Gameplay Balance & Map Changes 7

Flicker now always casts blink in the forward direction between 200 and 600 units.

Trickster Cloak no longer interrupts channeling spells. Its active is now able to be dispelled, and the invisibility has a 0.2 seconds fade time, but it now provides phased movement.

Shared Tangos now expire after 40s. Goodbye mid players begging for tangos and reporting Support players when they didn’t give them any. On another note, this change, combined with the Bottle change, nerfs the mid lane quite a bit. Bottles’ cost has been increased 625 → 675 in addition to having its mana and HP regen reduced by 10 points each.

Necronomicon is the latest victim of IceFrog’s wrath. The item has been removed from the game after being a top-tier item in competitive Dota for years.

Battlefury’s mana regen has been reduced from 3.25 → 2.75, and creep cleave damage has been reduced from 50 percent→ 40 percent. This should affect the early game of hard farming heroes like Anti-Mage and Phantom Assassin. On the other hand though, Satanic’s lowered CD, basic dispel on cast, and its Unholy Rage status now unable to be dispelled makes late-game cores with the item much stronger than the earlier patch.

Abyssal Blade’s active is now a melee ability. This should force players who bought Abyssal instead of Blink Dagger to look for other mobility options. Swift Blink, which was another great carry tool even on Strength heroes, no longer ignores movement speed limit.

Manta Style no longer penalizes ranged heroes. Both melee and ranged heroes have 30s cooldown, and illusions now take 300% incoming damage.

Helm of the Dominator 2 has been renamed to Helm of the Overlord as an independent item. It can now dominate up to two units with 150 bounty each.

Divine Rapier no longer provides True Strike, but got a +50 damage boost, making the item a more thoughtful pick than earlier. This change should make MKB a more viable pick-up again.

All these changes are beside the massive hero updates the game has received. You can look at the full changelog of the Dawnbreaker Update on the official Dota 2 blog.

The 7.29 update comes 4 days before the start of the Season 2 of the DPC 2021. With the new patch in tow, the competitive scene is gonna be better than just exciting.

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