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Dota 2 Gets Its Own Overwatch System

Dota 2
Image courtesy of Wykrhm

The much awaited Overwatch system from CSGO has been finally implemented into Dota 2. The community had been asking for the feature in light of rising toxicity, cheating, and scripting instances in Dota. CSGO Overwatch has been long lauded as one of the better reporting systems in competitive games to prevent negative behavior and cheating.

The System

The primary goal of the Dota 2 Overwatch system is to weed out negative behavior among its ranks. As in CSGO, members of the community with high behavior scores will be presented with reports to verify their validity.

Eligible players will get a notification below their in-game profile pictures if they have an Overwatch case pending review. If they choose to go through the replay, pre-marked sections with potentially negative behavior will be shown. Players posing as jury, after the case is reviewed, can choose from three options: guilty, not guilty, or insufficient evidence for either.

Overwatch Reports And Communication Bans

Players can be reported to the Overwatch system during games via the scoreboard or by clicking the flag on the culprit’s hero portrait. Reporting players can place markers or time-stamps to help Overwatch reviewers go through the relevant game sections. Although there are a limited number of Overwatch reports, players can report the same player multiple times in a game while only using one. Valve’s logic is that the more accurate the player reports are, the better the ability reviewers have to identify a case. It’s essentially, more data = accurate decisions.

Overwatch reports are distinct from the post-game communication reports already available in the game. Earlier, communication bans used to mute players completely; they couldn’t voice chat or type until the ban was lifted.

With the Overwatch update, the system will mute players found in violation of terms, but other players will have the option to unmute them. Every time comms-banned players try to communicate in-game, they will be notified of their ban status via the in-game chat window.

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