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Does Fortnite have an expiration date?

I used to think Fortnite would last forever. Now, I’m not so sure. I can honestly say that I’m still a fan of the game, but if I’m being 100% truthful, I only really play it when there’s a new update or something added that needs to be written about. I have sort of outgrown the game as a whole.

Courtesy of Epic Games

I mean, this makes sense. The more you play Fortnite, the more you realize the developers of this game made it for kids. The cartoony vibe along with the lack of blood and gore when you kill or get killed all show signs of this game not being made for adults. That being said, during the peak popularity of the game, so many adults were playing. I think this is what made the game so popular in its opening months. It was simple, easy-to-play, and different from the intense emotions one would get playing other shooting games.

This has changed in recent months. As I scan the internet, I notice a pretty dramatic decrease in the popularity of this game in terms of popularity among older players. I don’t know one friend who still plays this game consistently like we all used to. Most people (including myself) have moved on to Warzone. Warzone is just a better game for adults. It really makes you feel like you are in an actual battle, especially compared to when you look at Fortnite.

So, all this being said, does this decrease in adult players really mean the game is going to come to an end sometime soon? Absolutely not. Every day, kids are getting hooked on video games. Because Fortnite has this wild history as a game kids have really enjoyed, the first game many kids turn to in their illustrious gaming careers to come will probably be Fortnite. What’s more, many kids have older siblings who will teach them the old ways, explaining to them how much fun Fortnite was back in the first days they started playing.

Although the age of people who play Fortnite is changing pretty dramatically from an older to a younger audience, Fortnite still has a lot of life left in it. This lifespan is also helped by the consistent upload schedule that keeps the game interesting. Not many games this old get updated as much as Fortnite does. Long story short, I can see Fortnite easily lasting another couple years at minimum. Who knows: maybe my future kids will be playing this game when they get old enough. I guess I will just have to see.

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