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Did They Really Just Add Zombies to Warzone?

I honestly thought 2020 could not get any stranger, but once again, I was wrong. You can now play as an actual zombie in Warzone, and it is even cooler than you could ever imagine.

Courtesy of Activision

For those of you who have not played the mode yet or still do not quite understand it, here is how it works.  The mode is called Zombie Royale and instead of going to the gulag when you die, you are turned into a zombie. As a zombie, you have a couple powers. You have a super jump that, when fully charged, can literally send you flying around the map. It is ridiculous. It is worth playing the mode just for the jumps. You also have a EMP blast that can destroy enemy electronics around you. Finally, you are also equipped with gas grenades.

Being a zombie also gives you the power of not getting fatigued. You are able to run around faster, and your attacks are stronger than a regular player’s. Finally, you are immune to the gas. This makes for really cool attacks as you are able to move around the gas and flank people who are still human.

If you die as zombie, you are dead for good, but you are also able to come back to life as a zombie if you either kill someone who is human or find some syringes that are scattered across the map. There is a large chance that you can go from human to zombie back to human multiple times in a game.

To win this mode, you have to be the last team with a human on it. This gets tricky as the game goes on and more and more people become zombies. There will most likely be a point in the game where zombies outnumber the humans by a lot and you could have a mix of zombies and humans on your team. This is the coolest thing Call of Duty has done in a long time in my opinion. The game mode is well made and brings a whole different atmosphere and strategy to the game. If you have not tried this mode out, what are you waiting for?

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