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Details of VCT 2021 Stage 2 EMEA Challengers Finals Unveiled

VCT 2021
Courtesy of Riot Games

Even in the beginning of the event, Valorant Champions Tour 2021’s structure was complicated to some of the audience. And now with the end of Stage 1, some details will change in Stage 2, especially for the EMEA region, but don’t worry your friendly author is going to explain everything.

Earlier this month, Riot Games announced that Masters 2, which was planned to be held online in the first place, will be held as an offline tournament. Following this huge alteration, the shape of VCT 2021 EMEA Stage 2 was obligated to change; EMEA Stage 2 will contain two Challengers steps for each region, Europe, CIS and Turkey, and Challengers Finals to determine which teams will participate in Masters 2 in Iceland.

EMEA Challengers Finals is going to feature eight teams in total, four teams from Europe, three teams from Turkey and only one team from CIS. The best two teams in the tournament will earn spots in Stage 2: Masters 2.

Previously, each EMEA region had three separate Challengers tournaments; however, this number decreased to two and the third one has been turned into the EMEA Challengers Finals.


Since the region has four spots in the EMEA Challengers Finals, each EU Challengers will provide two seeds for the regional finals. As the same in Stage 1, all teams that will take place in Challengers’ main event are going to be determined through open qualifiers.


Turkey is the second region who has the most seeds in the EMEA Challengers Finals with three. Further details of TR Challengers haven’t been explained yet, but we know that TR Challengers 1 will have two seeds in EMEA Challengers Finals while TR Challengers 2 has only one.


Being the region with the lowest viewership among these three regions, CIS will have one representative in EMEA Challengers Final, and that team will become clear in CIS Challengers 2, instead of CIS Challengers 1.

EMEA Challengers Final will be held online between April  25-May 2. Also, the tournament will feature a €85,500 prize pool alongside the tickets for Masters 2.

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