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Destiny 2 Season 15 Will Introduce Crossplay

Big things are coming for Destiny 2 in 2021 accordion to a recent update from Bungie. The post from the development team comes during Season 13 and starts off by stating that the release of the next Destiny arc, The Witch Queen, has been pushed to early 2022. The Witch Queen will represent a vital transformation in the continuing story of Destiny 2 by following on the foundation laid by Beyond Light. After The Witch Queen will be Lightfall, which will act as the conclusion for the “Light and Darkness Saga.”

Another hot topic from the Bungie update is the return of Vault of Glass in summer 2021 for Season 14. The game mode will be similar to the one players remember from before but with added difficulty due to the higher raid standards and the fact that Guardians are much stronger than before. Season 14 also marks the return of Ada-1 and the ability for players to take whatever armor they possess and convert it into a universal ornament. 

As an added challenge, power cap for Season 14 will only progress by 10 instead of 50. This will require players to rely more on experience and skill than power to overcome obstacles in the game. Bungie claims that this will make picking up and enjoying the game easier for each non-expansion season.

Courtesy of Bungie

Season 15 will be arriving in fall 2021 with an abundance of PvP updates. Certain adjustments will be made to the Stasis and Light subclasses as well as tuning weapon archetype performance. A number of detailed updates such as these are intended to help level the playing field and provide a healthier balance of subclasses in the Crucible. 

The most standout piece of information found within Bungie’s update is the introduction of PvP crossplay in Season 15. The ability of cross-saving was introduced back in 2019, which caused fans to speculate the inclusion of crossplay. The one condition to this is that Bungie will continue to keep PCs and consoles separate from each other. This is due to concerns over rampant hacking issues in competitive cross-platform games such as Call of Duty: Warzone.

Whenever game developers provide lengthy updates like this, it usually leaves fans disappointed. This is especially true for COVID times. However, with regards to Bungie’s update, fans should be nothing but happy upon reading it.

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