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DeMoN Banned From DPC 2021 Following Previous Misconduct Allegations

Image Courtesy of Red Bull

After being banned by Beyond the Summit (BTS) back in June 2020 following sexual harassment allegations, Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho has been officially banned by Valve from participating in the upcoming DPC 2021. The news was announced via an official BTS tweet.

“Player Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho has been banned from participating in the DPC due to misconduct at previous Dota 2 tournaments,” BTS said in their tweet, adding, “Team Aristotle can continue to compete in the NA DPC league and will be permitted to register a replacement player.”

Australian Dota 2 commentator and BTS co-founder David “GoDz” Parker later said that while the decision was necessary, they recognize the bad timing of it. “The timing sucks and we’re really sorry to his teammates who are negatively affected by it,” GoDz said. “That part of things was an unfortunate mistake we can only apologize for.”

There was considerable backlash from people regarding DeMoN’s ban, most notably from Peter “ppd” Dager, demarking the situation as a sad turn of events. Shortly after, GoDz replied to ppd stating the reasons for the ban.

“I have to disagree Peter,” GoDz said. “We received information that was substantiated when we banned DeMoN from BTS events last year. I understand not everyone has the same access to this information (to protect the anonymity of the victim) but I personally support the ban from Valve events.”

DeMoN is banned from playing or commenting on the game. DeMoN has repeatedly denied the allegations, and has stated that he will be seeking a lawyer to clear his name. DeMoN had also deleted his controversial Twitlonger post from June 2020. In November, he had tweeted, “I didn’t write the statement, anyone that actually knows me personally knows I don’t even know half of the vocabulary used. I [f***ed] up being emotionally hasty and publishing it.”

Regardless, BTS has its justifications for the ban, having corroborated the allegations from the victim and other unpublished sources. As of this decision, Team Aristotle is without a support player, and currently has barely a week for finalizing a replacement for their pre-season DPC matches.

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