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Best Ways To Decorate Your Room For Streaming On Twitch

Having a comfortable space to work is important to any streamer, but even more so for gamers, who often spend multiple hours a day at their computer. Today we’re going to take a look at some important elements to consider when decorating a room for Twitch streaming.

Keep in mind that the best room decor is one that can balance your personal comfort, with the needs of your viewers.



Lighting can make or break a good Twitch viewing experience. Viewers aren’t just there to watch the game itself, they’re also looking for a human experience. Your commentary, reactions, and facial expressions are all part of the experience. That’s why it’s important to make sure your viewers can see you clearly. Lighting also affects the perceived quality and vibe of your video, whether it’s for life or pre-recorded gaming montages.

Overly bright fluorescent lights can be just as uncomfortable for viewers as a dim room where nothing can be made out. Try to strike a balance with soft lighting and experiment with placement. These days, there’s plenty of great options for gaming lights – everything from ceiling lights to modern wall lights. Gaming-themed lighting such as blue or pink wall lights has gained particular popularity with streamers.

For a lower-budget option, multi-colored LED strip lights can be a great choice. These typically come in large rolls, and are easily mounted to any surface. Even better, many LED lights now come with a remote control that lets you manually select what color you want the lights to be. Dimming or timed color changes can add a cool background effect to your stream as well.

Take a look at some popular Twitch streamers to see how they’ve set up their gaming room, and do some experimenting to see what works best for you.



Although your camera might be set to display you rather than the rest of your room, it’s still important to consider your furniture setup. Keep in mind your own comfort as well, not just the user. If you spend hours each day at your computer, a comfy gaming chair, and a well-adjusted desk are important for long-term comfort. 

Comparing prices and customer reviews across multiple chairs at various stores is a good way to start. A comfortable chair doesn’t have to break the bank either – there’s plenty of decent options under the $200 range. For super low-budget room makeovers, Amazon even has a few options under $100. A second-hand furniture is also a great option for streamers that are just starting out. Remember, you can always make small improvements as you grow your channel and start monetizing.

Last but not least, hopefully, you’ve already got a gaming monitor for your Twitch streams, but if not, check out these great monitors. Spend some time researching microphones as well, if you haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. You’ll want to have a microphone mount to keep your audio gear stationary –  so keep that in mind when searching for a desk. Not all desks are able to support a microphone mount, so don’t throw out your receipt until you’re sure that the furniture you bought is the right fit for your room!



Decor helps not only show off your interests and bond with your gaming community but also spruce up the space for your own enjoyment. Many popular gaming streamers use shelves or their desk space to display figurines and small personal touches. Walls provide a great opportunity to show off your favorite anime or video/pc games as well.

For example, if you’re a collector of anime or gaming figurines, a nice touch could be to display your collection on floating shelves on the back wall. 

Even your actual gaming equipment could be a part of the overall gaming aesthetic. Custom keyboards, mousepads, figurines, and even chairs are now fairly common. As your channel grows, and you develop a personal brand, that could be incorporated into custom merch as well, becoming not only great room decor but also a possible stream of income down the line.

Some great ways to find inspiration for your room decor are places like Reddit (especially gaming-related forums), Pinterest, blogs, and of course, by checking out other gaming influencers. Even IKEA can be a great source of inspiration for your gaming room makeover. With their massive collection of clean, modern furniture, finding something to match your room should be a breeze.

Last Notes

Keep in mind that room decor can be a great way to convey your personality and hobbies to viewers, but it’s also a good idea to do a quick sweep to check for any potential sources of embarrassment. Is the underwear drawer closed? What about the camera position – does the view look right?

Most importantly, have fun, and just do a little experimenting to see what kind of gaming aesthetic feels best to you. Viewers love seeing an authentic personality, so have some fun, and show off your great personality!
PS: If you’re interested in monetizing your streaming, don’t forget to check out SYFT.GG!

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