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Dallas Empire Squeaks By OpTic Chicago In Epic Five-Game Series

Last year’s champion, the Dallas Empire, wants to protect its crown and OpTic Chicago is one serious contender for it. Today, we have witnessed a crazy competition between these two teams in Winners Round 2, and in the end, the Dallas Empire advanced to the next round. If you missed the game, you better check that out on YouTube as soon as possible.

Dallas Empire over OpTic 1
Photo courtesy of Dallas Empire

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The Dallas Empire led the game from the beginning and secured a fairly easy win 250-149. Illey and C6 stepped up for the organization and secured 50 kills combined. Scump was the biggest question mark for OpTic Gaming. Even though Envoy was below him on the leaderboard, you have to accept the fact that he is The King and fans always expect more from him. 

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

We saw a different OpTic in the second game as it won the game in just eight rounds. Unlike the first game, Envoy had a massive 11-kill performance, securing the win in favor of OpTic Chicago. Once again, Scump didn’t show his full potential.

Game 3 – Control

OpTic tied the map at 2-2 while on defense in the fourth round, and after pause was taken in the game for a technical difficulty, OpTic Chicago earned defense again in Round 5 and closed the game. 

Game 4 – Hardpoint

OpTic wanted to put an exclamation point to the series by defeating its enemy in Hardpoint but the reality was a lot different. Dallas showed a solid performance in the second Hardpoint map and defeated OpTic to force a game five. The final score was 250-157 and Shotzzy led the leaderboard with 29 kills. Envoy had a huge 32-kill game despite the loss.

Game 5 – Search and Destroy

This game was one of the best head-to-head competitions we have seen so far in 2021. Teams started winning rounds left and right, but Dallas Empire had a lead of 5-3 after some clutch plays. OpTic Chicago didn’t let the Dallas representative finish the game that early and won two rounds in a row tying the score at 5-5. The last round was a bloodbath on Checkmate, and in a 2v2 situation, Huke came in clutch and killed the last two OpTic members in the plane to carry his team to victory.

The competition of this match was at a level most of the CDL teams can’t even come close to. Both Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago are the promising favorites of this season and the match didn’t upset anyone (except OpTic Chicago fans obviously). With this result, Dallas Empire moved on to the next round against the Atlanta FaZe, and OpTic will play again in the elimination bracket.


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