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Dallas Empire Defeats NYSL In Elimination Finals, Will Meet FaZe In Grand Finals

The CDL is like a whole new league this week. Every team has a potential of getting swept by its opponent. New York Subliners got to the losers final by sweeping OpTic Chicago and the other participant, the Dallas Empire, got there after being swept by the Atlanta FaZe. And now, the Dallas Empire defeated the Subliners 3-0 to advance to the Grand Finals. 

Empire over NYSL Elimination Finals 1
Photo courtesy of Call of Duty League

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The Dallas Empire learned from its mistakes made against Atlanta FaZe and looked a lot more confident in Harpoint. Huke had a monstrous 40-kill performance and C6 supported him with 38. These two carried their team so hard that Clayster’s 35-kill contribution looked pale beside them. The final score was 250-213. On the other hand, the New York Subliners showed what they are capable of by preventing a humiliating loss and showed signs of high-level competition.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The New York representative had a great start and won two rounds in a row; however, the Dallas Empire didn’t quit as it matched the Subliners and tied the game at 5-5. Clayster couldn’t defend the planted bomb in the last round and Dallas Empire closed out the game in 11 rounds. Empire developed its lead to two games in the series. C6 and Huke stepped up with their contribution with both kills and total score.

Game 3 – Control

The Dallas Empire won the first round with Shotzzy’s incredible performance. This guy’s playmaking capability is on another level for sure. Even though Dallas Empire was sitting at a safe 2-0 position, the New York Subliners came back into the game by winning two rounds in a row and tied the game. Dallas Empire picked the lock with Huke’s clutch kills and won the last round to complete the sweep.

Through the series, Clayster was the last man standing for New York Subliners. The veteran tried so hard to boost his team toward that $500k prize pool but failed to complete the job. We all know how great a leader he is, but today, he failed to carry his team to the Grand Final. Dallas Empire will face FaZe once again in the final series of Major 1.

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