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Dallas Empire Defeats London Royal Ravens In Nail-Biting 5-Game Series

The London Royal Ravens showed a poor performance yesterday against the New York Subliners, and today, fans were expecting a one-sided win in favor of the Dallas Empire. Guess what? The London Royal Ravens tried so hard until the end but couldn’t finish the job.

Dallas 1
Photo courtesy of London Royal Ravens

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The London Royal Ravens had a great start to the series unlike their performance against the New York Subliners. Seany, Dylan and Parasite looked a lot better compared to yesterday, and they helped their teammate Alexx with their scores. Illey’s poor 15-kill performance was the biggest factor in Dallas Empire’s loss as the Ravens won the first map by a score of 250-160.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The Dallas Empire came out strong in the second game and played like the latest champion. Huke stepped up for his team with 10 kills. Search and Destroy ended with a 6-3 score and C6 contributed with 175.44 damage per round. Dylan’s weak duels cost the London Royal Ravens the game. 

Game 3 – Control

Game 3 almost gave the Ravens a lead in the series, but in the end, Dallas Empire didn’t make any mistakes and won the game. C6 could only secure 16 kills, but he managed to deal 943 damage per round, which helped Dallas a lot. Alexx and Seany grabbed 46 kills in total but failed to beat their opponents. 

Game 4 – Hardpoint

The second Hardpoint was in favor of the Dallas Empire at first. The latest champion grew its lead and got ahead but made so many mistakes and the Ravens benefited from them. The Dallas Empire was ahead 228-220 in the last 12 seconds, but Alexx opened up a path for his teammates and won the game 235-228. Dylan got 33 and Alexx got 32 kills but his last kill was the biggest factor for his team’s win. On the Empire side, Huke’s 35 kills weren’t enough.

Game 5 – Search and Destroy

The Dallas Empire started the game with a solid performance. C6 and his friends didn’t make big mistakes like they did the game before and won the SnD 6-3. C6 stepped up for his team and grabbed 10 kills as well as dealing 225.70 damage per round. Illey handed the biggest support to C6 with nine kills in total.

The Dallas Empire was expected to sweep the Ravens, so it is possible to say that they underperformed. Dallas fans are probably not satisfied with their team’s performance. The London Royal Ravens faced a hard loss against the Subliners yesterday, but they showed promise today.

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