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CS:GO Pro Flusha Convicted of Tax Evasion in Sweden

Prominent figure in the CS:GO scene flusha is facing the Swedish court. The 27-year-old CS:GO veteran and Fnatic star player has been convicted of tax fraud in Sweden after not reporting his tournament earnings as income in 2015.

Photo courtesy of DreamHack

In 2015, Fnatic won many tournaments, including five S-Tier ones which each had a $100,000 prize pool. However, it seems like flusha didn’t report his revenue as he should’ve to the Swedish government. According to a report by Swedish esports organization Fragbite, the veteran player didn’t report over 1.04 million Swedish kronor, which equals over $120,000 of income. Within Sweden’s law, prize money from esports events must be declared as income and is subject to income tax.

Even though flusha denied the crime and said it was a mistake, he has been forced to pay the missing tax alongside an additional 40% surtax, which amounts to around $23,300. Fnatic’s rifler has also had to serve 120 hours of community service instead of going to prison for four months and pay $100 to the Swedish Crime Victims Fund.

CSGO flusha
Photo courtesy of ESL

Flusha has been competing in CS:GO since 2012, and in that time has managed to become one of the most remarkable players of the scene. Playing in Fnatic most of the time throughout his career, the rifle player dominated tournaments under the black and orange jersey in 2015.

It seems the Swedish player’s career won’t be affected by the judgement and he will continue to compete under Fnatic’s jersey. These days, Fnatic takes part in Flashpoint Season 2.

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