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This is for the creatives.

The ones who see the world a little differently—unique individuals who influence people not necessarily through personality, but through their innate gifts and talents. We celebrate the trailblazers with a never-ending, intense desire to produce based on originality, expression, and creativity.

We celebrate the energy that fuels the gaming and influencer space.

Deep within the success behind your favorite organizations, teams, personalities, and games are creatives who help push these brands to the next level. Their refined touch and insight bring life to the esports and gaming industries. This talent is oftentimes behind the scenes spreading their magic throughout the content that entertains millions. In many ways, they are the concealed aces of gaming.

They are the administrators of content— the agents of innovation— the architects of creation/conception.

#Creatives 2

#Creatives is a series created to recognize the contributions of various creative talent throughout the esports and gaming space— the creatives. This series of articles will feature a community of talent that produces high-quality videos, images, or other rich media formats including but not limited to: video/content editors, motion designers, musicians/producers, designers, photographers, and more creators of visual and aural work. It will be an all-inclusive endeavor open to those who work professionally in the gaming space.

These individuals’ influence within the culture is invaluable and crucial to its success. Without their presence, skills, and sharp imaginations, the landscape itself is incomplete, insufficient, and inadequate.

#Creatives will be a space to rally behind creatives more than the canvases and platforms they create from. It is a subsidiary of our existing ESG art series featuring talented artists but in some ways a larger endeavor as it will shed light on a wider range of talent.

All who create for the love of gaming and innovating are welcome.

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