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Clip of the Day: Crazy Finish to the COD: Warzone Nadeshot Invitational

When you pull up, but get flexed onā€¦ šŸ˜­

Thatā€™s essentially what happened to FaZe Swagg and FaZe Booya during the finale of the recent $100,000 Nadeshot Invitational.

Here you see a duo who seemed in prime position to secure the dub and become crowned champs of the double elimination tourney. FaZe and NukeSquadā€™s Swagg and Booya were ridinā€™ dirty in a couple of Cargo Trucks like predators waiting to feast on their prey.

But alas, they ran into not one, not two, but three duos en route to what 100 Thieves dubbed as possibly the wildest ending to a Warzone tournament ever. After completely violating, eliminating, and literally ā€˜truckingā€™ (LMAO) three adversaries, Booya abandons the whip amidst the flurry of chaosā€¦

But wait, thereā€™s {hella} moreā€¦

Courtesy of Nadeshot

Now with boots to the ground, Boo busts a finishing cap in one of his previously-downed enemies. But, seconds later, he gets steamrolled by the same truck he introduced to the fray after one of the combatants seized control of it in the moments prior.

Meanwhile, based on his limited role during the action, his partner Swagg had already been eliminated and was forced to watch from the sidelines.

Two trucks, one Lā€¦ damn. Even with the largest and most durable of ground vehicles at their disposal, a coordinated attack from multiple teams was just too much for the FaZe boys. With a thrilling finish for the ages, this clip and wild sequence of events serves as a shining example of the many reasons why the world loves esports.

Despite the tragic loss in the final match, Swagg and Booya still walked away as winners with a sweet $20,000 cash prize and a second-place finish in the Nadeshot Invitational, after a run as the eighth seed.

Warzone content creator Newbz and NRGā€™s HusKerrs were the tournamentā€™s champions and were awarded $30,000.

For a full breakdown of the historic two-day Nadeshot Invitational including final placements, format, and contestants, click here.Ā 

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