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ContractorsVR vs Onward: Which Should You Buy?

ContractorsVR and Onward are two of the best VR FPS games on the Quest store, but which one is right for you?

ContractorsVR vs Onward 1
Courtesy of Caveman Studio

I’ve spent countless hours strapped into both of these games, and I keep rotating through them for preferences that pop up. Maybe I want something a little more casual or to hop onto a competitive server where the realism gets a bit extreme. To better help you gauge the two, I’m going to break them down. 

The Teams

ContractorsVR doesn’t have a lot to offer in this category. You have two teams, appropriately named Team 1 and Team 2. There won’t be any backstory for the game: you’re a contractor killing other contractors. There isn’t a word about who bought you, or why you’re fighting the other guy. Even though the teams lack any creative name, Caveman Studio did recently release a WWII loadout which replaces your modern loadout with a historically-accurate one. 

Onwards does a better job by differentiating between the two teams, and this comes down to the user’s loadout. You have the MARSOC and the VOLK. When you choose MARSOC, you clearly get the sense that you’re connected with the U.S Army. All of your gear and inventory point to this, similar to the VOLK, which is the Russian equivalent of MARSOC. 

Again, no concrete backstory is provided here, and all missions pretty much revolve around certain game modes being played against bots, without any form of exposition. But at least we get something.

The Maps

ContractorsVR vs Onward 2
Courtesy of Downpour Interactive

ContractorsVR has a decent map selection, but you’ll likely find yourself stuck on the one you hate very often. I haven’t seen any community-based maps for selection, but the diverse map types do a good job taking the firefights to new places. You can go from fighting in the arctic to fighting others on a miniature Christmas set while dodging a toy train. 

Onwards diversifies theirs even more by adding night-time missions. Unless you have the Night Vision Goggles selected in your equipment, you aren’t going to have a good time stumbling through large maps. You also have to walk around the map to be familiar with certain locations, because unlike ContractorsVR, you don’t have anything to navigate with unless you choose an air drone. More on that later. 

Onwards has the same general map selection as ContractorsVR, although Onwards’ are often times bigger, have more cover options, and feature the ability to play during nighttime. For that extra kick, you can download community maps and even play game modes on MW2’s Terminal.

The Loadouts

ContractorsVR hosts a decent selection of guns to choose from. These will range from Carbines to SMGs and even Sniper Rifles. The handgun selection is great, but the loadout system leaves a lot to be desired. For one, ContractorsVR lacks an extensive attachment list. Do they have it? Sure. But you have three attachment types, with maybe three attachments suitable for that type, and that’s it. 

You’re also missing out on some heavy weaponry here. LMG’s are forgotten, and so are RPGs. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you have your hands on either of these in Onwards,  you realize how much you miss it in ContractorsVR. 

Onwards loadout fits the selected team. If you’re MARSOC, you’re going to get some quality U.S stuff. Air Drones for recon, multiple types of grenades ranging from frag to different colored smoke grenades, and even different scope types for your rifles. VOLK’s loadout enables them to hold their ground against the MARSOC, and there’s little difference in loadout choices here. The Air Drone becomes a Ground Drone, the M249 a PKM, your Five-Seven a Makarov. 

Onwards gives the teams to identify one another without relying on just a red nameplate. The loadouts also operate on a point-based system which changes depending on the game mode. If you’re going into multiplayer, then you can expect to have nine points and eighteen when playing solo modes. The point system determines how many attachments and equipment pieces you can carry.

The Gameplay

Like I said earlier in the article, I switch between games because I have a preference that pops up out of nowhere. ContractorsVR, while intense and capable of making your trip in order to dodge gun-fire, pales in realism when compared to Onward.

Onward strips you of everything you need to navigate and forces you to learn how to use tools or recon. You go down with fewer bullets, and you have no way to identify where anyone is unless you can physically see them. 

The feeling of dodging a barrage of RPGs and then dumping 200 rounds from your M249 in response is a feeling that Onward thrives in giving its users that ContractorsVR just can’t provide. 

ContractorsVR has a much more laid-back feel to it, and I don’t feel like I’m forced to be a tryhard when I want to do a mission solo. That’s a relief when you still want to play an intensive game but not bust out matrix-style moves to avoid the A.I’s gunfire. 

The Pit vs The Shooting Range

Let’s be honest: at some point you’re going to be burned out on missions. You’re going to want a place to just shoot your guns, or hang out with other players. ContractorsVR and Onwards give their players the chance to do this. 

ContractorsVR gives us “The Pit,” which is essentially a small shooting range where you can 1v1 other players in your lobby while you wait for a game to be played. If you don’t want to do that, then you can try your hand at shooting hoops on the basketball court. The Pit isn’t its own server, but really just a waiting room for players to go while the host gets the next game started. At times, the host won’t want to start the game, which often leads to the lobby coming up with their own game modes. 

Onwards gives us “The Shooting Range” which is its own server, so you aren’t waiting on a game to be loaded up while you’re here. You’re here to get better at shooting your gun. Whether you’re focused on the targets down the line or any of the other players in the lobby is completely up to you. You can join any MARSOC or VOLK and change up between the two whenever you want. Instead of a basketball court, Onwards has a hill on the south side of the map that many players often try to take from each other. 


Even though I come off as biased towards Onwards in the article, I still enjoy ContractorsVR. It’s slower, has a fun vibe, and the community isn’t as toxic as you’d find on Onwards. Onwards tries its hardest to give their community a realistic feel, but I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t come with its own set of problems. If you plan on going to the shooting range, expect to be spawn-killed, as you’ll find many players on the game can’t get a kill for their life unless you are two feet away from them with no clue where they are. But whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with VR.

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