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Congratulations to RDCworld1 for Five Million YouTube Subscribers!

On behalf of the millions {and millions!} of fans worldwide, I’d like to formally congratulate RDCworld1 for reaching five million subscribers on YouTube! The group officially reached this incredible milestone on July 10 while giving credence to their namesake and proving that real dreams do indeed change the world.

Congratulations to RDCworld1 for Five Million YouTube Subscribers!
Congratulations to RDCworld1 for Five Million YouTube Subscribers! 2

For those who may not be familiar with RDCworld: 1. Where have you been?? 2. They are a group of close friends who make some of the best and funniest content on the internet. Founded in 2011 by Mark Phillips and “Aff” Affiong Harris, RDC was created with the sole ambition to entertain the world.

RDC’s content is largely based on skits, anime, gaming, and overall quality entertainment. Through watching their videos, I’ve cried enough tears of sheer laughter to fill the entire East Blue (word to One Piece fans.)

If you frequent the internet and social media at all, you’ve likely come across an RDC video, even if you weren’t actively looking for one– whether it’s How Chick-Fil-A Would be if They had Delivery, When People Take Anime Too Far, one of the infamous LeBron videos, or any of their other viral hits which have in total garnered the group over 800,000,000 views.

The group is composed of seven members: leader and face of the team, Mark Phillips, Affiong Harris, Leland Manigo, Desmond Johnson, Dylan Patel, John Newton, and Ben Skinner. Each individual is uniquely spirited and offers their own strengths, making RDC one of the most dynamic and entertaining groups out there. 

One of the truly special aspects to RDC is their close-knit relationships as friends, which translates amazingly into all of their videos. Their come-up as a unit through passion, consistency, and teamwork has made them one of the most beloved groups on YouTube. Together, they’ve harbored their passion into uncharted waters alongside a massive cult following of followers and supporters. 

Congratulations again to RDCworld1 on reaching five million YouTube subscribers. All aboard the Dreamchaser/RDC Grand Fleet on the adventure to another five million.

Also, congratulations to Mark for reaching one million Twitter followers just a day prior. 

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