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Congratulations to Chronic for 200 Thousand Twitter Followers

A celebration is in order: content and competitive gaming team Chronic reached the well-deserved 200k Twitter follower milestone this past Tuesday.

Courtesy of Chronic

Chronic has established its brand as a collective of charismatic and multifaceted gamers and entertainers primarily centered on Fortnite. They’re a team, not an ‘organization,’ powered by the industry-leading innovator of high-performance gaming accessories, SCUF.

Owners and trailblazers in the gaming scene EX, Shah, and Siggy, along with the rest of Chronic’s talented roster of gamers, have established the team as a lasting force in gaming and esports. Established in 2019, the squad has also made its mark across other major social platforms, including followings of over 300,000 on Instagram and YouTube.

What started as an ambitious idea amongst friends to spotlight creators and influencers of all sizes turned into a platform for some of the brightest personalities and up-and-coming talent in the industry. It’s familial approach and unrelenting commitment to providing high-quality content has helped each of its members grow beyond just being gamers and content creators, but also becoming brands themselves.

Names like Swaz, Crickets, Dcawesomer, and innocents just to name a few have helped cement Chronic’s standing in gaming thus far and are primed to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Big congratulations to Chronic on reaching 200k on Twitter! Here’s to the next 2 hunnit and beyond. 💯 💯

Follow them on all their platforms below:

Twitter: @FRChronic

Instagram: frchronic


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