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Why Is The Collaboration Between Musicians And Gamers So Successful?

Why Is The Collaboration Between Musicians And Gamers So Successful

Although there are many great things about playing a video game, there’s one under-appreciated hero missing from our conversations these days: music. It sets in that slow, rhythmic beginning which slowly increases with the pace of a game, eventually paving the way for an intense, nerve-wracking crescendo – all while matching the ups-and-downs of your character against the rich tapestry of the game’s graphics. It is the music that drives home the gaming experience, even though you might not know it.

Gaming Vs Music: The More Successful Industry

In recent years, growth in the video game market has been nothing less than astounding. The gaming market was already bringing in 10 times the revenue of films and 3 times the one of music,…and this was before the pandemic hit. Accenture (NYSE: ACN) estimates that the full value of the gaming industry exceeds $300 billion in 2021, making it more prosperous than the combined markets for movies and music, both of which were severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now isn’t that number absolutely mind-boggling?

The world of music streaming on the other hand is facing a steady decline due to Covid-19. The number of total on-demand streams in the United States recently decreased by 10%, as per Quartz. This data includes major streaming providers such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora. MRC Data’s latest year-end music report revealed that album sales (both physical as well as digital) in the United States dropped to 102 million units in 2020, down from 501 million in 2007. With music sales and music streaming both declining, and concert ticket prices sky-rocketing, artists are having a harder time transforming their passion into substantial income. The music industry may have however, found an unlikely friend in the world of gaming.

How Gamers And Musicians Collaborate

With artists having to find newer ways to reach out to potential listeners, musicians have turned to the gaming industry for support. Artists are able to achieve bigger milestones when collaborating with gaming influencers, gaming companies, and engaging in digital music promotion. In February earlier this year, American DJ Marshmello made history with his live in-game concert inside Fortnite. 10.7 million people attended the event and the official recap has over 65 million views on YouTube. The numbers are beyond impressive, and the music set in question lasted just 10 minutes! 

musicians gamers

Another way for artists to get their music heard is by collaborating with YouTube gaming influencers. Gaming montage videos have gained millions of YouTube views, garnering successful collaborations for their players. These fast-paced videos feature full-length music tracks which set the pace of the game and keep the viewer focused. The gaming industry has undeniably become a hub for cross-sector marketing and can drive heavy traffic to musicians who hope to get their art noticed online.

Over the years, YouTubers such as Faze Clan who became famous for their “Trickshot Videos” have popularized the use of EDM, Hip Hop, and other “beats” music in their montage videos. World-famous gaming YouTubers are successfully capitalizing on this influence they have over their audience too. Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, one of YouTube’s biggest gaming influencers with over 20 million subscribers on the social media platform earned $17 million in 2019 alone through endorsements from big brands like Adidas, Red Bull, Postmates, and Monster Energy among others.

Video game music has always been designed to foster the progress and achievement of the player and is already known to increase concentration. It connects the player with the task at hand. It’s the same for gaming montages: it promotes new music, benefits artists at a time where music streaming is declining and keeps engagement on a gamer’s video at an all-time high.

Promoting music on social media and via gaming montages assists artists in discovering newer demographics and reaching out to future listeners. The Social Media Benchmark Report of 2021 from Influencer Marketing Hub stated that 90% of global internet users spend their time watching videos, compared to 73% who listen to music streaming services. The gaming industry has already catapulted to success in every way… it’s time for musicians to join the game.

Things To Keep In Mind While Finding The Right Collaboration

There are over 2.7 billion gamers in the world (as recorded in 2020), which has made the gaming industry a hotspot for influencer marketing. This means there are thousands of professional gamers to choose from to work on your campaign. It’s impossible to look through every existing account to find a channel that is influential, like-minded and one that shares your values and beliefs. 

Here are some things you should focus on while making your decision:

  • Content Relevance: Is this gamer’s channel/blog a seamless fit?
  • Engagement and Reach: Can this gamer’s channel/blog reach out to your target audience?
  • Post Frequency: How dedicated is this gamer to his blog/channel? Do they post regularly or take long, random breaks?
  • Audience Engagement: Does this gamer’s audience share a sense of trust and co-ownership with them and their blog/channel?

A perfect collaboration has different definitions… but all of them begin with a mutual understanding and trustworthy relationship. There’s a lot to factor in while finding an ideal collaboration, and an Influencer Marketplace such as SYFT.GG; created by gamers for gamers is your best bet. The platform provides end-to-end solutions, advanced analytics and engagement metrics along with a virtual database of gaming influencers who could generate real leads for your brand.

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