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Cold War Breaks Into Top 20 Best-Selling Games of All Time

For a game that was not very well received by fans, it sure did sell a lot of copies. Cold War was only just released in November of 2020 and it is already on the list of top 20 best selling games of all time. I honestly have no idea how this happened.

Cold War
Image Courtesy of Treyarch

I personally thought the game was decent, but all I have heard from others is how bad it was. I would have never expected to hear that it made it on to any sort of list of best selling games. The game actually broke onto the list in the middle of January but has stayed stagnant, still in 20th place.

I am not sure I see this game moving up on the list any time soon, but obviously I don’t really know much about what games are going to sell a lot of copies and what games are not.

The only reason I could think that Cold War sold so many copies is its integration with Warzone excited people. This theory doesn’t really make that much sense, as most players already had Warzone downloaded for free when it first came out.

We also know that another Call of Duty game is releasing at some point in 2021. I can only wonder if this new game will do anywhere near as good as Cold War or if it will be a total flop. There is such a thing as too much COD, and fans could still be burnt out still from Cold War.

Other games that appeared on this top 20 best selling game of all time are some absolute classics. Some original Mario games and even Pac Man made the list, so it is quite an honor for any Call of Duty game to be mixed in with games of such caliber.

How and when this list will change we will just have to wait and see, but with Cold War pretty low on the Top 20 there is a chance some other games set to be released will take its spot. I say Cold War fans should enjoy this while they can.

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