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Clutch After Clutch, DfuseTeam Defeats Alliance in VCT EU Masters

The rematch between DfuseTeam and Alliance in the Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters was thrilling. DfuseTeam managed a 2-0 win against Alliance to secure a match against FPX later next week. Off the backs of logaN, AKUMAAAAA and hoppY, Dfuse snatched a close victory on Ascent and a decisive victory on Split.

Dfuse over Alliance EU MAsters 1
Courtesy of Valorant Champions Tour EU

The all-French Dfuse lineup had previously faced the partly French Alliance lineup in the VCT 2021 EU Open Qualifiers. Alliance won that matchup somewhat comfortably, in stark similarity to Dfuse’s recent win in the Masters.


Unlike the VCT EU open quals, Alliance played Ascent on the back foot as Attackers, struggling against Dfuse in a nail-bitingly close and chaotic game. Interestingly, both teams did well in eco rounds against the other team’s buy rounds.

rodeN was top fragging in the first half with 12 kills on Sova. Dfuse didn’t spare Alliance any breathing room with a solid defense hold, wiping them almost every round without many casualties until the fourth round when Alliance gained some momentum. It took Alliance until the eighth round to disrupt Dfuse’s economy on the back of eco-round wins with major help from Fearoth. But logaN on KJ, with his mad flickshots, helped Dfuse close with a 7-5 lead at the end of the first half.

With Dfuse on attack, the second half on Ascent was even more chaotic and back and forth. Despite getting slaughtered by Alliance’s utility initially, Dfuse built on its first-half lead to stay ahead, although barely. A couple of mistakes in rounds 23 and 24 almost lost Dfuse the map. AKUMAAAAA on Breach snatched the MVP with his overall great plays, especially his clutch double headshot to secure Dfuse’s 13-11 win.


With a double Duelist lineup on the map of its choice, Dfuse played extremely aggressively, choking Alliance out for a 6-1 lead, once again on the back of nasty plays by AKUMAAAAA on Breach and logaN on Killjoy. Just like Ascent, it took till the eighth round for Alliance to show some semblance of composure. Dfuse still ended with a 9-3 lead with amazing post-plant holds, hugging corners and baiting Alliance perfectly around the sites with logaN’s clutches.

logaN continued his clutching spree in the second half. But TakaS took the spotlight with a snappy ace while holding the back-A site to counter Alliance’s nearly perfect fake rotation from B, pretty much killing its chance of a comeback.

The second half didn’t last long with logaNN closing the game with another clutch, giving DfuseTeam a very comfortable 13-4 victory.

Overall, Dfuse seems to have improved by leaps and bounds since its last match against Alliance. Although Alliance lost the series handily, XMS performed very well on Omen considering the pressure he was under. Alliance is still a relatively new team that has a ways to go. 

With the 2-0 Dfuse win, Alliance will now be facing Guild Esports in an elimination match in a last-ditch effort to stay in VCT 2021. 

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