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Cloud9 Has Paused CS:GO North American Operations

Cloud9 announced on Twitter that they have paused their CS:GO operations in North America.

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Courtesy of Cloud9

“At this time, we’ve made the decision to pause our involvement in CS:GO,” C9 said in their statement, “COVID has prevented us from assembling the team in North America as we’d originally planned…”

Cloud9 stated that even though they had been trying to do everything to form an organization in North America, COVID-19 has been an unprecedented hindrance to its endeavour.

“The reality is that remote training isn’t conducive for building an organization in the way Cloud9 usually does,” C9 said in its statement. “We remain passionate about competing in CS:GO and once conditions allow us to work and train in the ways that we know help teams to be successful, we’ll return to competitive play.”

C9 went on to thank its General Manager, Henry “HenryG” Greer, for the work he has been putting in alongside the organization and its members to try and make things work. C9’s move may come as a surprise to many since it was recently in September of 2020 that HenryG had “Unleash(ed) the Colossus,” marking a significant investment and trust in their new venture in CS:GO.

Lately, C9’s efforts have been more focussed towards their League of Legends and Valorant rosters, where the team has been having more success. C9 had formed an all-female Valorant roster in 2020 as well.

There is no news regarding the status of Cloud9’s current CS:GO roster. They haven’t yet disbanded the team or let go of any of their players.

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