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Cloud9 Announced Xeta as Cloud9 Blue’s Fifth Player

While there are only a few hours left for the start of VALORANT Champions Tour’s Stage 1 in North America, teams are in a hurry to complete their rosters. One of the prominent organizations of NA, Cloud9, has announced the fifth member of its roster. Korean player Son “xeta” Seon-ho has joined Cloud9 Blue.

C9 Xeta 1
Photo courtesy of Cloud9

Cloud9 unveiled the change on its official Twitter account with the title of “welcome back” as xeta was a part of Cloud9 Korea between October and December. Due to multi-team ownership rules of Riot Games, the organization was obligated to disband the Korean roster and parted ways with xeta.

After the upsetting result in First Strike: North America, Cloud9 cut ties with the team’s in-game leader shinobi. However, the most surprising roster change came in January; TenZ, arguably the best VALORANT player in North America, decided to step down from the active roster and became a content creator under Cloud9. And now, the team is ready to compete in VCT with adding xeta alongside leaf, who was announced by the team earlier this week.

Xeta didn’t enter the competitive scene with VALORANT. The 23-year-old player is familiar to CS:GO followers as he played for several big organizations in Korea, such as MVP PK and TYLOO. After four years in CS:GO, the last member of Cloud9 Blue made his move to VALORANT with the closed beta of the game. In October, he joined Cloud9 Blue and played for it until December.

This isn’t an unexpected move from C9, because xeta was already under watch by the team. Lastly, Cloud9 Blue participated in Nerd Street Gamers – Winter Championship with Seon-ho and got eliminated in quarterfinals.

Xeta’s visa has already been processed, so he can play in VCT without lagging since he’s in North America now.

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