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Chrome, Kate Win Syft’s Valentine’s Day RL Tourney in Undefeated Fashion

On Friday night, Syft and Down Two Earth hosted a $500 2v2 Valentine’s Day Rocket League Tourney, and with a stacked lineup of professional players and content creators, the duo of Chrome and Kate went undefeated to a grand finals victory over Danikins and Mittens.

Photo Courtesy of Down Two Earth

The tournament featured 16 teams with a double-elimination format, and Chrome and Kate came out on top. Under team name yo, the duo won all five of their series, which included three best-of-three and two best-of-five. yo found itself down 2-0 in the grand finals, but instead of folding for the bracket reset, they came back to complete the reverse sweep in dominating fashion. 

“I think we have the advantage, because we live together, compared to some of these other couples,” Chrome said before the grand finals. “So I honestly think we are just going to win because of that. The synergy is already there.”

Team yo took round one in a hot 2-0 performance over Kronovi and Kiaa. Chrome and Kate won 6-3, 1-0 in some of the closer games the two faced all night, but as most of the tournament went, they barely broke a sweat.

Round two saw an identical result, this time up against team rule1, consisting of the duo of Rapid and Jessa. With an undefeated game count, Chrome and Kate finally dropped a game against Danikins and Mittens, team mittikins, in round three. However, the 2-1 victory was enough to boost the couple to the winner’s finals. 

Chrome and Kate didn’t slow down in winner’s finals, taking on the hotgurlz, Fishhr and Kitties. This time in a best-of-five series, team yo swept its challengers in three games by scores of 3-2, 5-0 and 6-2. Kate practically could’ve won this one by herself, scoring 11 of the teams 14 goals in the series.

After a break waiting for the loser’s bracket to finish up, team yo’s challenger in the finals was a rematch against Danikins and Mittens, the only team to take a game of the champions so far in the tournament. 

“We’re pretty confident because we are in the grand finals through the winners side, so we have a bracket advantage and it’s a long wait but we are feeling pretty confident still,” Chrome said during the break.  “We’re just going to keep warm; honestly, it’s just past my bedtime.”

As mentioned before, team mittikins jumped out to a 2-0 lead before Chrome and Kate knocked the rust off and came storming back. The duo won games three, four and five by scores of 5-1, 7-1 and 3-2, respectively. In game five, they scored two goals in the final 40 seconds to tie and take the lead with only a couple of seconds left.

Congratulations to team yo for taking the championship in the $500 Syft 2v2 Valentine’s Day Tourney, hosted by Down Two Earth. Check out more of Syft’s Rocket League Tournament coverage on the competitive tab.

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