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Chinese Police, Tencent Bust World’s Biggest Video Game Cheating Provider

Courtesy of Kunshan Poice

Cheating is a crucial problem in the modern gaming world. Especially in multiplayer games, it’s one of the biggest reasons which decreases the quality of game experience in every way. I’ve been playing competitive online games for a long time, and I don’t remember a single game that solved the cheating problem completely. It feels like an endless war in which the players are harmed most. Even though I don’t believe the good always wins, this time it did. Chinese police busted a million-dollar cheat distributor with multiple simultaneous operations.

Kunshan Police and tech giant Tencent collaborated for an operation which is called “Chicken Drumstick” to take down a massive cheating provider, reported first by BBC. Reportedly, the organization created and sold cheats for most popular games, like Valorant, Overwatch and Call of Duty: Mobile and Warzone. 

Chinese Police Tencent Bust Worlds Biggest Video Game Cheating Provider 2
Courtesy of jiangsu tv

If you aren’t aware of the massive cheating industry, you’ll figure it out now. According to the report, the provider earned $76 million in revenue in its lifetime with most of its revenue coming from subscription services. People who wanted to use these cheats paid from $10 up to $200 monthly for the service. 

Kunshan Police seized assets worth $46 million in the raids, including several luxury cars. The police department also found and destroyed 17 cheats and arrested 10 people.

This was the biggest game cheating provider bust ever, and apparently it won’t be the last. Kunshan Police mentioned on Weibo that they will continue to fight against cyber crimes and need everyone’s participation and cooperation in this field.

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