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Changes to Omen and Brimstone for Episode 2 Have Been Revealed

Changing the meta is one of the ways to keep any game fresh, and Riot Games loves to apply this method on its games. Playing around the meta is tough in VALORANT because of the lack of numbers of the agents in the game, but Riot has been trying to find optimum power rankings. In light of this fixation, Brimstone received the buff he desperately needed while Omen has faced some nerfs.

This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of Riot Games

There are only two main smokers in VALORANT, and Omen is the far-more preferred agent among them. Having access to teleport and an ability that makes enemies blind, Omen has been founding a spot in any team for a couple of months. We barely see the captain of the scene, Brimstone, but it’s about to change after the upcoming patch.

The speed of Omen’s smoke has gotten a huge nerf and his blind has gotten a little bit expensive. Here’s a full rundown of Omen’s changes:

Omen Changes

Changes to Omen and Brimstone for Episode 2 Have Been Revealed 4
  • Dark Cover’s Speed: 4000 → 2800, 30% Decrease
  • Paranoia’s Cost: $200 → $400, %100 Increase

If Brimstone hadn’t received buffs while Omen weakened, there would have been a chance for Omen to stay dominant. However, these buffs are big.

Brimstone Changes

Brimstone valorant
Changes to Omen and Brimstone for Episode 2 Have Been Revealed 5
  • Sky Smoke’s Cast Range: 4200 → 5000
  • Sky Smoke’s Duration: 14,25s → 19,25s
  • Incendiary’s Cost: $300 → $200
  • Stim Beacon becomes quickcast (no equip time)

These are the alterations Riot Games plans to bring into the game with the first patch of Episode 2, which will start on January 12th. It’s likely we will see Brimstone more both in the solo queue and the competitive arena after the update. 

VALORANT will bring in new changes in addition to these in Episode 2, but there hasn’t been any other official reveal about the agent changes. We’ll have to wait until January 12th to see what’s coming.

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