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CDPR ransomware hack delays Cyberpunk 2077 patch, potentially puts employees personal information at risk

You can call it karma, but it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 is getting delayed again. Two weeks after CD Projekt Red announced it was the victim of a ransomware attack, the game development company disclosed that they’ll be pushing back the release of Cyberpunk 2077’s next major patch.

Courtesy of TalkEsport

From launch day, Cyberpunk 2077 and the behind the scenes work on the game have been a cluster of bad press, lawsuits, and struggle to patch the busted PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Of course, none of this was helped by a group of hackers gaining access to and ransoming various sensitive information from CDPR

While it’s tempting to say that the game’s development company falling victim to a cyberattack is maybe the most punk thing about Cyberpunk, it’s important to note that CDPR employees may have had their personal information stolen by the hackers from CDPR’s servers.

In a statement posted to CD Projekt’s news board, the game development company clarified that employee files were encrypted by the malware attack on the company’s files. Some of these files included employment contracts, identifications, and payroll information. While the statement also claims that CDPR hasn’t found any evidence that employee information was successfully stolen, they also clarify that employees should freeze their accounts and report any information which may have been stolen.

Given CD Projekt’s track record of “reckless disregard for the truth,” it’s probably safe to suspect that, unfortunately, CDPR’s employees’ personal information may be at greater risk than the game developer is initially letting on.

But aside from CD Projekt employees getting the shaft again, the other major fallout from the CD Projekt Red ransom attack is that 1.2 patch promised to fix up major bugs and address major issues on last-gen versions of the game has been pushed from its initially-promised February release date.

As Bloomberg reported earlier this week, CD Projekt employees haven’t been able to access game files and other applications due to the ransomware hack preventing said employees from accessing their remote workstation.

Due the majority of the game development studio’s employees working from home due to the pandemic, progress on the Patch 1.2 has stalled. More announcements for the patch’s release are sure to be announced in the coming weeks.

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