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CashNasty of 2Hype Reaches Four Million Subscribers on YouTube

Popular YouTuber and content creator CashNasty is officially a part of the four million subscribers club after having reached this milestone on January 28.

Cash has been a staple of the NBA 2K community since 2013, when he started his YouTube channel originally under the name “WhatChaMaCalling.” The Louisiana native has since become known for his IRL basketball content, reactions, pranks, vlogs, and health and fitness videos, along with his signature 2K content, which he also streams on Twitch. His high quality, entertaining content has garnered over 831,000,000 views across more than 2,500 videos.

As an overall entertainer and influencer, Cash has appeared alongside many other well-known personalities, including former professional streetball player The Professor, T Jass, Flight Reacts, Brawadis, and Overtflow, among others. He has over a million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and more than two million subscribers on his second YouTube channel, “CashNastyPlays.”

Image courtesy of CashNasty

In 2018, he joined popular YouTube group 2Hype alongside other accomplished personalities Kris London, Jesser, ZachTTG, Jiedel, and Moochie. The group posts primarily basketball and gaming videos, as well as group challenges. In November of last year, 2Hype signed with premiere esports and lifestyle organization 100 Thieves as part of their content team.

This milestone by Cash comes amidst an exciting week for 100 Thieves which saw two more of its members reach big milestones—Valkyrae, who reached three million YouTube subscribers the day before Cash hit four million, and BrookeAB, who reached one million followers on Twitch just a few days later.

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