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Can Fnatic Lift the Trophy Using Bwipo’s Game Knowledge as a Jungler?

Courtesy of vpesports

Bwipo’s role change was the biggest news of the offseason, maybe in the entire League of Legends world… I mean all regions. There has to be an understandable reason for both Bwipo and Fnatic to make such a change. I will try to analyze Bwipo’s past, evolution in time and his possible success as a jungler. Most importantly, how will Fnatic benefit from this change?

Courtesy of Dark Passage

First of all, we all have to agree on Bwipo’s insane game knowledge. Even if you think that he is not a decent top laner, his development in time and success should be appreciated. If you ever watch his streams, you will see how he talks about his particular games. He doesn’t only talk about his lane but also comment on other lanes and late game.

This is actually an important aspect and perspective that you would want to have in your team. Bwipo is a Worlds Finalist top laner, and he got to this point by scraping it with his nails. I remember him playing for Dark Passage in TCL. He was almost an OTP Darius player and got outclassed in most matchups against TCL top laners, but today, we are talking about a whole different Bwipo. You can have a look at one of his plays while he was playing for Dark Passage here.

Courtesy of l’équipe

Per LEC_Wooloo, a respected insider for LEC, Fnatic showed interest in both SLT and Adam. These French top laners had outstanding performances during EU Masters and regional leagues. In the end, Fnatic signed Adam and SLT joined Team Vitality. Adam is a great player and is a great Darius player just like Bwipo.

He will “learn the game” first just like all the other rookies. Even rookies like Elyoya and Inspired developed their individual performances during their first splits in LEC even though their gameplay was insane in their first LEC games. Adam has a huge advantage: his jungler is one of the best top laners in the league.

This change has a lot of potential behind it. In League of Legends, jungler-support synergy is one of the most important aspects in the game. Luckily, Fnatic’s jungler and support are best friends in real life. Hylissang is one of the best supports in the league, and now he has a chance to show his full potential with his best friend on the Rift. 

Courtesy of Riot Games

To be honest, it will be hard for Bwipo to compete against players like Inspired, Jankos, Elyoya and Selfmade; however, he has the tools to deal with these players. It wouldn’t be logical to say anything certain about Fnatic’s performance before watching them on the Rift, but I have to admit that there are a lot of logical reasons behind this decision. It will be fun to watch him compete against the best players in the region.

You better have an eye on Adam’s development as a top laner with Bwipo’s help. What’s even more intriguing is the mid-jungler synergy for Fnatic. We will see if Nisqy and Bwipo get along together in terms of early and mid game. To sum up, LEC will be fun to watch, and I am really curious to see who will represent the region in Worlds.

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