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Can Atlanta FaZe lift the 2021 CDL trophy?

We have seen four Majors so far in the 2021 Call of Duty League season. All of these Majors had great competition and spirit considering all the roster changes and ups and downs in performance. The Atlanta FaZe has stepped up in every major against its opponents and made a huge difference by winning three out of four trophies. The team looks scary, but can it finish the job at the base of the biggest trophy this season? 

Atlanta FaZe
Courtesy of Activision

Stage 1 

The first stage of 2021 CDL action has started with FaZe and Dallas Empire’s dominance. The defending champion Dallas Empire team showed great performances throughout the regular season, but FaZe was still one step ahead. The two teams faced each other in the Major 1 Final and the Atlanta representative came out stronger by a score of 5-2. It did not drop a single game before the final matchup and lost only two against the Dallas Empire. We could predict what was going to happen in the upcoming stages back then watching Atlanta FaZe play. 

Atlanta FaZe
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

Stage 2

The Stage 2 regular season was almost the same as the first one, but this time FaZe lost a game during the group stage. It still made it to the major finals after securing the first seed, facing up against a Stage One underdog, the Toronto Ultra, which came out of nowhere with an incredible team effort to win the second Major. Considering FaZe’s performance up until the second final matchup, it was a surprise seeing the team facing a loss. Still, Atlanta had the strongest looking roster and synergy up until that point.

Atlanta FaZe
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

Stage 3

This time, the Atlanta FaZe failed to clinch the first spot during the group stage and even lost against the Subliners in the winners finals; however, after beating the Toronto Ultra in losers finals, FaZe got its revenge by beating New York Subliners 5-2 to steal another trophy. With its second piece of hardware in hard, Atlanta refreshed its mentality as we got closer to the Championship Stage.

Stage 4

The latest stage we have seen so far was the fourth one. Just like the first one, the Atlanta FaZe made it look easy until the final matchup even though the competition in the final stage against Dallas Empire was at its peak. After a great series, the game ended 5-4 in favor of FaZe.

Atlanta FaZe
Courtesy of Call of Duty League

Can Atlanta FaZe win it all this season?

Honestly, looking at its prior performances, Atlanta FaZe is the favorite in the league by far. As you can see in the standings below, the margin between FaZe and its closest competitor is huge. We have to wait for the championship stage as there is another major that will be played on June 8. 

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