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Call of Duty League’s Starting Date Has Been Revealed

The official announcements of the 2021 season of Call of Duty League have been the most-anticipated details in the community over the past couple of months. The uncertainty of the starting date had the fans excited and now the mystery is solved. The Call of Duty League official account announced that the 2021 season begins on Feb. 11. Prior to the league opening, the Kickoff Classic event will be a lot earlier, on Jan. 23.

CDL Starting Date 1
Photo courtesy of CDL

The Kickoff Classic event includes lots of cool stuff. The league officials will reveal more details for the upcoming season. We are not sure what details will be revealed, but it is worth the wait. Apart from revealing details, show matches will be organized, which has already been announced here. Lastly, group selection will also be held. The Kickoff Classic will also be special, because it’s going to be the first-year anniversary of the league.

This year, we will be watching a whole different Call of Duty League. During the league’s first year, teams had five-man rosters, but in the 2021 season, we will be watching four-man rosters competing. 

In the league’s first season, Crimsix and his friends lifted the trophy under the name of Dallas Empire. Dallas Empire looks strong, but this year, OpTic Gaming is back under its original owners, making OpTic Chicago a challenger to the crown. The 2021 season is going to be competitive for sure.

We will need to wait for Jan. 23 in order to understand the format better, but the Call of Duty League will be fun to watch. Considering the interaction on CoD League’s tweet, fans and players alike are ecstatic to get things started.

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