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Here Are The Call of Duty League Major Two Matchups

Call of Duty League
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

Atlanta FaZe dominance continues in Call of Duty League right before the second Major. During the past group stage, we have seen some surprising performances from different teams and players, but one of the teams showed a significant performance that was one step ahead of the others. You guessed it right, that team is none other than the Minnesota ROKKR.

The Minnesota representative managed to put up a great fight and secured the first spot of Group B. The team hit the three-game win mark just like the first stage, but this time, the competition was different as Minnesota ROKKR became the leader of its group. It was the fourth-placed team during the first stage’s group phase.

Just like the previous stage, Atlanta FaZe looked like the best team in the league by far. FaZe didn’t drop a single game during the first stage, but this time, the Los Angeles Guerillas pulled out a miracle and beat its opponent 3-2; however, FaZe is still the leader and the upper bracket’s top team.

The Los Angeles Thieves may be the biggest upset of the second stage. Nadeshot’s organization could only grab a single win and ended the group stage in the last spot of Group A. Looking at the draw, the Los Angeles Thieves will start the so-called playoffs from elimination round one and try to grind its way to glory.

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