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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s seasonal weapons unlock system needs work

Currently, Treyarch and the various studios have released five weapons for Season One of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (BOCW), three of which have been unlocked after completing multiplayer-only challenges. 

If players want to use those weapons in Zombies mode, they are forced to play multiplayer. That needs to change, especially considering how nonsensical the matchmaking is for multiplayer. 

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's seasonal weapons unlock system needs work 4

As was previously mentioned, there have been five weapons released for Season One: the MAC-10 submachine gun, the Groza assault rifle, the “Streetsweeper” shotgun, the Wakizashi sword and a sledgehammer. While the MAC-10 and the Groza were unlocked as players progressed through the Battle Pass, the latter three had to be unlocked by playing multiplayer and completing certain challenges with certain weapons. 

That is a problem in and of itself. 

BOCW’s matchmaking is incredibly egregious as it stands, with scores of players spanning different consoles complaining about how asinine the difficulty is. Simply put, no one really knows how the matchmaking works, though some have speculated that it is based on player performance rather than skill, which makes for an unenjoyable experience as gamers will constantly be matched with “tryhards,” for lack of a better term. 

Additionally, it seems as if BOCW’s matchmaking studies how a particular person plays and caters to their weaknesses, thus forcing players to constantly change how they play. Because of this, players will never actually notice any improvement due to their scores fluctuating so heavily from game to game. 

That being said, with multiplayer being so unruly for most players – even professionals have issues with matchmaking – it makes no sense to have weapons only be unlocked by playing multiplayer, especially since those weapons can be used in Zombies as well. Take the Wakizashi sword for example. 

Wakizashi Sword
Now this is a knife. Screenshot courtesy of Treyarch.

In order for the sword to be unlocked, players must execute two “Finishing Moves” with the Combat Knife in 10 different matches in either BOCW or Warzone. Now that may seem simple enough, but in order for players to actually do a finishing move, they must approach an enemy from the back and hold down melee to execute said move. 

What makes this difficult is the fact that other players can interrupt the animation. So, if a player is in the middle of the animation, another player can feasibly steal the kill, thus resetting the progress. Considering how kill-based BOCW’s multiplayer is – players almost always focus on getting kills instead of playing the objective – this is an issue. 

Right now, the system in place is as follows: either play multiplayer or buy certain packs from the CoD Store to get the weapons. The latter is even more egregious because players do not actually get the weapon; they only receive a “blueprint” (skin) of the weapon so the weapon does not actually unlock.  

Weapons Cold War
According to players that have unlocked this shotgun, it’s not great in Zombies. Screenshot courtesy of Treyarch.

It’s also forcing non-multiplayer gamers to play a game mode they do not want to. That is why Treyarch needs to add specific challenges for weapons in both Zombies and multiplayer moving forward. 

Case in point, the next batch of weapons for upcoming seasons should have challenges such as “Get 15 kills with an Assault Rifle in Multiplayer OR Get 500 kills with a Pack-A-Punched Assault Rifle in Zombies.” This allows strictly Zombies players the freedom to unlock the weapon in a mode they enjoy, rather than forcing them to do something they dislike. 

In all, this is an extremely easy fix to an otherwise-complicated issue. Treyarch and Activision’s main focus is on the multiplayer aspect, which makes sense since it is making them the most money. However, by focusing too much on multiplayer, they are also alienating the Zombies community, which is a sizable number as well. 

By having challenges to unlock weapons in both multiplayer and Zombies, it is the best of both worlds. Besides, it will be one of the few things that makes sense in BOCW, if this solution is ever implemented. 

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