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Bruh, why am I so bad at Super Smash Bros?

I am a beast at Mario Kart and I am not ashamed to admit it. I just have the raw skill some people are born with and some are not. For Super Smash Bros. on the other hand, I simply do not have the same skill; I’m actually quite terrible at it. There are a couple reasons why I think I am terrible at this game, so let me walk you through them.

Bruh, why am I so bad at Super Smash Bros
Bruh, why am I so bad at Super Smash Bros? 2

For starters, there are just so many buttons to worry about. I am better at games that are simple. Games like “Press A to jump, Press B to crouch” and “Press trigger to shoot” are way more up my alley. In Smash, there are so many combinations of buttons you can press in a certain order to do different attacks. No matter how many times my friends told me combinations, when it came time for battle, I would end up just button-mashing. Somehow, some of my boys are able to make button-mashing work, but it just ends up making me look ridiculous.

There are also so many characters, each with their own specific abilities. Once I got the hang of playing as a character or defending myself against another character, the match would be over and we would all switch characters. I could never get on a roll in any games, as I felt like I had to start over in my learning each separate game.

Don’t even get me started on falling off the map. I may be the only person on the planet to have this problem, but I fall off the map at least twice a game. My friends, on the other hand, literally never fall off the map and cannot understand how I keep falling off. 

This might just be another game I’m not meant to play. Lucky for me, I’m still able to have fun with my friends, and the fact I am so bad makes for great excitement when I do end up getting a kill. My friends always call me out for hiding during games so they won’t kill me but I really don’t care. I am going to play this game as poorly as I want to.

If you have any tips on how I can get better at Smash or some characters I should try out, please let me know. I have almost given up hope on getting any better, but perhaps one of you could give me that golden piece of advice.

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