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Changes for Breach, Skye, Astra and Yoru on the Way, Riot Hints New Agent

After every agent change or when a new agent comes out, Valorant’s meta is affected by it. Players adjust their game plans, whether the alteration is huge or not. Riot Games doesn’t hesitate playing with the game’s balance; that’s how it kept the freshness of League of Legends and now the company has been doing the same thing in Valorant. In the latest article, the Character Producer of the FPS game, John Goscicki, talked about the future changes on agents and the next agent.

Courtesy of Riot Games

The game’s direction has changed in a different way with the recent Viper balance. Adding the decay feature to her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen made her the No. 1 agent of current meta. Since teams were forced to play with her, they adjusted their game plans and post-plant strategies became the top of the meta. It’s boring to watch to be honest and Riot officials are well-aware of the situation. They may come with Viper changes soon.

Are you tired of being exposed to consecutive flashes? Because I am and Riot Games is too, apparently. Balance changes to Skye and Breach are on the way. After the change, these two enemies of eyes won’t be able to put three successive flashes. Besides, Riot wants to modify Breach’s kit to spread his power across all abilities instead of making him sit back and throw flashes.

After Astra was released, everyone started to talk about how strong she is. She is indeed and the cosmos bender hasn’t faced a nerf yet. However, it’s going to change in future patches making her more vulnerable to counterplays. While we’re talking about the meta’s strong agents, Yoru, who can’t find a spot in the current meta, will receive more buffs focusing on his Fakeout ability.

Courtesy of Riot Games

“We’re prioritizing quality over speed,” Riot Games said, and that’s why we didn’t hear anything about the upcoming agent with Breeze’s release. That being said, we can expect a new agent in Patch 3.0, according to the developer. This will be an agent who has utilities that can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay. Which means it’ll probably have a utility that disables others’ utilities for a while.

All these changes are expected to be released with the launch of Episode 3 of Valorant, which will be live around June 22.

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