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How To Boost Your Monetization And Growth Through SYFT.GG

How To Boost Your Monetization And Growth Through SYFT.GG

Playing video games is extremely popular today. Millions of players dedicate hours to honing their skills and practicing their gameplay, while others use video games as a means to escape the mundanities of everyday life. The advance of the gaming industry has led to the rise of gaming influencers, who are just as popular and impactful as fashion, fitness, travel, food, or beauty influencers!

They advertise and talk about their gaming lifestyle through live streams on social media platforms, by reviewing new games and in-game features and sharing tips and tricks among other things. Lately, gamers and musicians have been collaborating via gaming clips, which helps artists get their music heard, and gamers which help boost growth in terms of the video’s views as well as the song’s streams.

Today, there’s no doubt surrounding video games and their ability to help players earn a significant income. Especially gaming influencers with millions of social media followers, who have established a community of fellow gamers/fans are able to turn their skills into substantial earnings. Most gaming influencers collaborate with musicians or video game companies and developers for promotions, so they can combine each other’s customer base to create innovative products and content.

To efficiently do this, gaming influencers sign up with influencer marketplaces, virtual informative databases where they can collaborate with like-minded individuals and make money while doing it. SYFT.GG is an influencer marketplace for gamers by gamers and is an all-in-one platform connecting gaming influencers with musicians and record labels. It establishes a seamless way to collaborate, boost growth, engage in gaming collaborations, and make gaming monetization a reality. Anyone interested in the world of eSports can utilize this marketplace to take their career to the next level. 

How SYFT.GG Can Help You Collaborate 

While coming up with these gaming collabs sounds really simple, there’s a lot that goes into getting it done. It’s not always easy, and if you’re a newbie in the world of eSports, it is likely that you will have to face a few struggles before getting it right.

You’ll have to answer any questions before you’re ready to seal the deal on a collaboration. For instance: How do you find gaming influencers who would be interested in what you have to offer? How do you know if a certain budget works before approaching them? How do you approach them if you don’t have their emails? Instagram DMs is clearly not an option!

Going through a plethora of emails (or worse, DMs) to talk business isn’t always easy, and both parties might struggle with being on the same page. And imagine the waste of time if an influencer is not interested in collaborating at the time. If you signed up on SYFT.GG, all these problems go away. Using an influencer marketplace immediately makes the collaboration process less time-consuming and eliminates the back-and-forth with artists or influencers who have different outlooks, or are simply uninterested.

SYFT.GG is an influencer marketplace created for gamers by gamers and can streamline all your social media marketing endeavors. Monetizing your gaming influencer career is easier than ever because this marketplace gives the power back to influencers. You can set your own prices and advertise your services as you’d like brands to see.

You can look for campaigns that match well with your gaming presence and persona and promote specific things that only you can deliver. What makes you stand out as an influencer, is it a number of likes or followers? Is the content creation on your social media platform innovative in some way? You might want to mention that in your profile. SYFT.GG sets up the influencer marketplace experience in a very open way, so there is no time or resources wasted in finding an influencer or brand to work with.

Gaming influencers can use the platform to request gaming-centric collabs or more from other creators, and request them to retweet, repost, create new content, join in on live streams or even film a full video with them. SYFT.GG offers gaming influencers a multitude of choices, and they can select from platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and request a campaign accordingly. 

Influencers and brands can also inquire about unique collaborations from other creators. Instead of selecting a single platform from TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, gamers can file requests for customized collaborations by just filling in the required information. Whether your goal is to grow your following or match with a singer to feature their track in your gaming clip, reach out to an influencer for a game review or film a YouTube video together – SYFT.GG can assist you every step of the way and make your collaboration experience a fulfilling and memorable one!

How To Boost Your Monetization And Growth Through SYFT.GG
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