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BLG Delivers RNG Its First Loss In 2021 LPL Spring Split

Bilibili Gaming acquired Aiming and started the season with a promising roster. The team had three wins and three losses before facing the undefeated Royal Never Give Up. BLG managed to upset its opponent and improve its record as well as ending RNG’s winning streak.

Bilibili Gaming LPL 1
Photo courtesy of Bilibili Gaming

Game 1

Wei visited bot lane with a ninja-gank and secured first blood for the side of Royal Never Give Up. He was a lot more active than Meteor in the early stages, which increased RNG’s gold lead. Aiming and Jwei didn’t have much to do since Ming’s Sett engagements were followed by brilliant Pantheon ults. Royal Never Give Up didn’t lose the lead from start to end and won the first game with a dominant performance.

Game 2 

The second game started with an early 3v3 in the bottom lane. RNG won the skirmish and GALA managed to take the first blood by killing Meteor. RNG’s bottom-lane focus continued with a four-man dive and Aiming fell behind. RNG looked a lot better in team fights, however, BLG stayed in the game and evened the gold. Biubiu’s Jayce got stronger and Meteor managed to steal the Baron buff from Wei. After that minute, BLG controlled the whole game and demolished RNG’s nexus in 39 minutes.

Game 3

Xiaohu picked Syndra against Biubiu’s Gnar. The ex-mid laner used to be a beast with this champion but picking it for top lane was a questionable decision. RNG’s main focus was top lane and it secured first blood in a two-man top dive. Cryin used his Twisted Fate ults to relieve Xiaohu in the lane. Biubiu received all the attention, which would make a regular player rage quit, but even though he got so far behind, he made a difference with his brilliant Gnar ults. Bilibili Gaming turned its attention to objectives and secured all the drakes. RNG’s game plan didn’t work as intended, and at the end, BLG managed to upset its opponent with a 2-1 victory.

EDG is the only undefeated team in the 2021 LPL Spring Split. Scout and his friends will face Victory Five tomorrow.

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