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Black Ops Cold War is adding a special mode for their Valentine’s Day Event

Tis the season for love I suppose, as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is bringing a new mode to the game for Valentines Day. Let me tell you, it looks really lovey-dovey. The mode, called Kiss Confirmed, is a remix of the very popular game mode Kill Confirmed where you win the game by picking up tags which your enemies drop when they die. The first team to a certain number of picked-up tags wins. Kiss Confirmed is the exact same mode, but instead of picking up tags, you pick up little candy hearts. Soooooo cute, right? The mode will be available to play from February 11-18.

Black Ops Cold War
Courtesy of Activision

There is also a special Valentines Day pack bundle available called Top Secret Admirer which consists of:

  • Legendary Combat Cupid Blueprint – A Pink Tactical Rifle Charlie with a Cupid inlay for higher firepower and more speed
  • Legendary Hidden Admiration Sniper Rifle Alpha with a Steady Aim Laser, Sound Moderator Muzzle, and 7-round Speed Mag

If you want my honest opinion, I think this new game mode is sort of stupid. It is so similar to the normal Kill Confirmed mode that I do not think it’s worth playing. Like, they really couldn’t come up with anything better for a new mode to bring to the game? Whatever- maybe I’m just no fun. I hope you guys will be able to enjoy this mode even if I can’t.

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