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Bethesda Is Working On An Indiana Jones Game

Move over Lego, Bethesda is trying their hands at crafting a story based on our favorite archeologist. Bethesda has announced they have their hands on a new Indiana Jones game, with Todd Howard said to be one of the main creative minds behind the team.

Image Courtesy of CinemaBlend

Bethesda recently announced on Twitter they were partnering with MachineGames and LucasFilmGames to work on a new Indiana Jones game. They released a short teaser clip that basically pans over Indy’s desk before he picks up his hat off camera. 

Todd Howard is stepping into the role of Executive Producer, which could mean that projects like Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6 are already done with a majority of their development. Aside from the partnership and Todd’s hand in the game, we really don’t have that many details about the new project. 

This project was actually teased back in September, when Todd was interviewed about Phil and Major Nelson buying Bethesda. If you pay close attention to his back-shelf in the interview you can plainly see a Fertility Idol and the Ark of the Covenant.  There’s no way Phil or Major Nelson would have been left in the dark about Bethesda’s next big move and could have possibly worked out a timed-exclusive deal.

An Indiana Jones game would fit very nicely with Uncharted and Tomb Raider. Indiana Jones has seen his share of videogames that weren’t in the lego-universe, but none of them left a long-lasting impression. With Elder Scrolls and Fallout under their belt, Indiana Jones might be Bethesda’s next huge RPG. 

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