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Best Ways To Promote Your Music On Social Media

Best Ways To Promote Your Music On Social Media

Having an effective social media strategy is just as important as the music itself when it comes to defining the success of an artist. With the sudden growth of new social platforms in recent years, newer technologies have put more creative tools in the hands of marketers. Predicting the future of the music industry in a landscape that is rapidly evolving is nearly impossible. Marketers can hardly determine what songs will work better or what strategy will be more successful.

The music industry has been deeply impacted by technology, and with the sales for physical products declining, digital music has taken the centre stage. Streaming makes up about 85 percent of how all music is consumed today. Current market players, technology innovations, and the rise of new social media platforms are providing unique opportunities through which artists and record labels can deliver music to listeners.

Here are some effective ways to promote your music on social media:

Use Your Brand Identity As The Driving Force

Every artist must brainstorm their brand image and identity, and only then, identify how they’d like their art to be portrayed on social media. Your branding must be consistent – The colors of your album art, the aesthetic of your brand, and the vibe you want your brand to give out are all factors to consider before establishing creative music marketing strategies. Your brand identity is what connects followers to you, and creates a sense of loyalty and trust. 

For example, British Rock Band Coldplay chose an out-of-the-world way to promote their song “Higher Power”, a track from their upcoming ninth studio album. They’ve used “Kaotica”, a fictional planet as inspiration for the song, and its intergalactic theme led the band to team up with the International Space Station to promote it.

For a social media video post, the band performed the song with alien holograms…using their current brand image as the driving force to promote the song. Their social media posts mirror the theme/central idea of their album and song. This is just one of many ways an artist can use their theme and image to drive conversation around their art.

PS: Aesthetic is everything, and followers won’t be pleased if your social media account doesn’t look exciting.

Consistency Is Key

How often can you post without making your followers feel like you’re spamming them? One of the most frustrating things an artist can do is drown their followers in far too much content. Sharing the same video over and over again or reposting snippets without any new material is something your followers don’t need in their newsfeeds.

That being said, it’s important to be active in your branding by sharing engaging, interactive content that will interest followers. Depending on what time your followers are most active (looking at your analytics and engagement will bring you answers), you can create an effective schedule. Maybe post 4 times a week on Facebook, twice or thrice a day on Twitter, daily on Instagram, and thrice a week on TikTok? Keep exploring what works best!

And when you do post, ensure that your content has a specific goal. Ask yourself questions: Will my TikTok post feature the most catchy sequences of my song? Will my Instagram post be engaging enough? Will my Twitter AMA (ask me anything) help followers learn something new about my music?

Another way to remain consistent is by using the same profile pictures throughout your social media platforms. Inconsistency with your username and profile images may confuse your fanbase and make the process of discovering your accounts more difficult.

Promote Your Music

Make It Personal For The Fans

Fans don’t want to just see the final product…they’re equally excited about what goes on behind the scenes. It’s unknown to them, so making conversation around everything that went into making your song will grab their attention. Fans and potential listeners need to connect with your music before they can think of sharing it with their friends. Being relatable will resonate with your social media followers more than you can imagine.

Promote Your Music

Instead of just posting a link to your album, give them a glimpse of what your song looked like before being recorded. Say, a photo of the original handwritten lyrics or videos of you trying to figure out the right tonality and beat! You can also ask followers what they think of your song, and share their opinions in the comments.

Maybe ask them to post their own rendition of it? Allow fans to fully immerse themselves in your music. This can only happen if your social media strategy makes fans feel like they’re a part of your process and not just listeners. As long as it’s personal and authentic, fans will know how much your music means to you. Document your journey and educate your followers but don’t forget to entertain them!

Get Creative

These unprecedented times have changed the way we look at music marketing. But we already have indispensable social media tools at our disposal. Facebook and Instagram Live, TikTok, music streaming platforms, and the gaming industry are waiting for you to reach out to them. Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming platform by number of subscribers, so getting your track into a playlist could help you rack up thousands of streams. Not only would getting playlisted bring awareness to potential listeners – but you could monetize your strategy and earn royalties! 

Of late, musicians and record labels have discovered a new friend in the gaming world. Artists collaborate with gaming influencers to add their songs to their gaming montages, which have the potential to be viewed by massive internet audiences. Connecting your track with playlists or collaborating with gamers are both excellent creative strategies to grow your audience.

Tap Into An Influencer Marketplace

Influencer marketplaces make social media marketing easier than ever before. SYFT.GG, an influencer marketplace for gamers by gamers helps streamline social media campaigns. Instead of looking for potential influencers elsewhere, the app connects creators and brands/record labels/ artists and anyone who wants to help create social media content. 

Musicians can talk with creators directly, an otherwise daunting process that may take up too much of your time. The power of social media isn’t a secret. Developing and maintaining an engaging presence across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube is essential. As long as you display your authentic personality and understand what your followers are looking for, you will be able to stand out as an artist, and efficiently promote your music!

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