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Best Music Promotion Services in 2021

Best Music Promotion Services in 2021

Imagine this: you’ve put years of work into creating a new song, but when you release it – there’s no one to listen to it. Feels pointless, doesn’t it? With the advent of digital streaming, the new music landscape has made billions of artists from across the world more streamable and accessible. Not every artist will find their community of listeners unless they focus on music promotion just as much as creating the song itself.

After analyzing a massive dataset, music-focused analytics firm Next Big Sound reported that 90.7% of all artists remain largely undiscovered – forever. Roughly 2.5% made it past the ‘mid-size’ stage, while 1.1% achieved ‘mainstream’ or what we’d refer to as ‘mega’ status. The numbers make it clear that if you don’t learn to market your music on social media after releasing it, chances are you won’t get very far.

In recent times, musicians and record labels are finding creative ways to promote their music on social media. Some have been turned to the highly profitable gaming industry. In February 2019, American DJ Marshmello made history with his live in-game concert inside Fortnite. 10.7 million people attended the 10-minute event and the official recap has over 65 million views on YouTube. Here’s another: Travis Scott’s in-game stunt with Fortnite led to his song with Kid Cudi “The Scotts” achieving 7.45 million plays in its first 24 hours on Spotify. It became the world’s number one hit at the time.

While the gaming industry is a great choice to opt for and get your music out there, the use of platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter can be just as efficient. Take Olivia Rodrigo for instance. The 18-year-old singer recently promoted her album Sour through a prom-themed YouTube live stream! She performed her hit songs from the album in the back of a limousine, on the dancefloor of a prom celebration, in a dark room, and on an American football field. The 27-minute long event has been watched over 10 million times and has nearly 40,000 comments since being uploaded!

Digital music promotion may seem really simple but new artists usually don’t have this part of the process thought out from the beginning. They may need help finding appropriate solutions and music promotion services to get their music heard. Music promotion services may appear in the form of streaming services, collaborating with gamers via gaming montages, social media posts, or platforms such as Soundplate and Submithub. But before you can pick a service – you have to learn to pick the right one.

What Should You Look For In A Music Promotion Service?

Music marketing platforms can come in different forms with each reaching a different target audience and demographic. The only way an artist can take their music and brand to great heights is with a proper marketing strategy that can amplify their work on every platform. 

Music promotion services are of utmost essential to artists and record labels. Most often, such services can determine whether your music is downloaded and listened to or if you’ve plainly released a song into the void. If you’ve moved past the challenge of creating music in the first place, you know you have to make it count – and promotion is a key step here.

Here are some great tools to use in order to promote your music in 2021:

#1 Instagram, Twitter And Facebook Ads

Best music promotion services in los angeles

Most artists spend thousands of dollars on recording equipment but deem social media ads to be an unnecessary expense. As per Data Report, there are 4.33 billion social media users in the world, equating to more than 55 percent of the world’s population. Imagine how many people you can reach out to by simply creating ads on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Good social media music marketing takes skill and creativity, but the basics are effective too! You can create ads to target potential listeners by using locations, geotags, hashtags and find an audience that doesn’t just want to stream your song, but maybe buy your merchandise. The best thing about social media marketing is that you can always start small, take fewer risks by spending a few dollars a day, and gradually increasing your budget. You can explore different strategies before deciding what works best for your brand!

#2 Spotify Ads

With 356 million monthly users, Spotify is the biggest music streaming platform in the world right now. Classic Spotify ads are audio ads (and last 30 seconds) played between songs with a branded image that is displayed in place of the usual album art. Spotify ads have proved to be extremely effective, in fact, they’re 25% more effective than normal ads and are known to increase ad recall. It’s estimated that around 1-4 minutes of ads are played for every hour of consumed content. This music promotion strategy is enough for artists to reach out to potential listeners and its infrequency makes the ad stand out without users getting too frustrated. 

#3 Soundplate

Soundplate encourages fans to add music to their Spotify or Apple Music playlists and makes downloading music really easy. It can help grow your fanbase, boost streams as well as sales and sell more concert tickets. With the analytics dashboard offering a clear understanding of your audience, the process of digital music promotion is simpler than ever. Soundplate is easy to use, so you should definitely submit your music for it to be included in popular playlists! It’s worth a shot.

#4 SubmitHub

Using Submithub is a great way of getting into the real world of releasing music. The platform assists artists looking to get their singles featured on blogs, Spotify, and even the radio, all in one go. It is recommended to submit your track months in advance so you can see the response liming up, but SubmitHub truly is a great tool to use if a one-stop music promotion platform sounds like your thing! PS: The Chainsmokers use SubmitHub and judging from their testimony (and success) it seems to have worked pretty well for them.

Music Promotion

Musical digital marketing has totally transformed the way we view, listen to and discover music. From digital music promotion to playlist marketing, the Internet has an unending list of tools you can use to thrive in the world of music. All you have to do is choose one that works for you!

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