Author: Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward is an Australia-born, Alaska-living writer and artist who credits a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Alaska, Anchorage for helping to cultivate her love of all things relating to writing, reading, and learning. When she isn’t writing for Stropse, she spends her time hiking (when the weather in Alaska permits it), blogging and writing short stories, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. You can follow her on Twitter @wordsward94 and Instagram @wordsward.

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The Room Two Game Reviews

The Room Two

If you loved The Room and wanted more, you’ll be thrilled with the sequel extraordinaire of The Room Two.

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Hidden Through Time Game Reviews

Hidden Through Time

Search for objects through time and find your new favorite hidden object adventure game.

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Slime Rancher Game Reviews

Slime Rancher Review

Cute slimes! Alien worlds! Homey ranches! What more can you ask for in a game?

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From Munchlax to Sinistea The Cutest Pokemon Community

From Munchlax to Sinistea: The Cutest Pokemon

Of all the Pokemon out there, these 12 are undoubtedly the cutest of the bunch!

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What Makes A Game Replayable Community

What Makes A Game Replayable?

The games that give you the most options will always have you coming back for more!

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Hidden Gems Your Guide To Finding The Best Indie Games Community

Hidden Gems: Your Guide To Finding The Best Indie Games

You never know what you may find when you go down the rabbit hole of indie games available across the gaming community.

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The Room Game Reviews

The Room: Game Review

There’s nothing quite like an exemplary puzzle game that lets you break into an elaborate safe!

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Streamers Community

Your Favorite Streamers and Creators Want to Meet You

Do you want to meet your favorite Streamers? Now’s your chance: they want to meet you too!

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Growing Your Stream: Monetization

With all these tips in one place, monetizing your gaming hobby has never been easier!

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The Fabled Woods Game Reviews

The Fabled Woods: Game Review

Dive deep into these fabled woods and discover a hidden gem of the gaming world!

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Return to Mysterious Island Game Reviews

Return to Mysterious Island

There’s nothing quite like a survival adventure game that’ll take you back to a classic piece of literature.

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Celebrity Endorsement Community

What’s The Deal With Celebrity Endorsement In Gaming?

Celebrity endorsement in gaming can be a dangerous game if you’re not aware of the ins and outs. Now’s your time to learn!

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