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Joseph Endler is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with degrees in advertising and public relations. He loves creating work that others enjoy and being an all-around entertainer. He was born in Chicago but moved to Portland Oregon when he was 5. Follow him on instagram at @joseph.endler

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Arcade Entertainment

Arcade Games, My Top 5 Favorite to Play

I’m a master at the arcade. Allow me to take you through the best of the best arcade games out there.

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Fortnite Entertainment

Does Fortnite have an expiration date?

Will Fortnite ever not be popular? Here are my thoughts.

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Watch Dogs Entertainment

Why was the first Watch Dogs game so terrible?

For a game that had so much potential, why was the OG Watch Dogs so bad?

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PlayStation controller Entertainment

I hate the PlayStation controller

The Playstation controller has earned my vile hatred, and I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

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bad at video games Strategy

So, you’re bad at video games. What now?

A couple of tips on how to fit in with your friends when you are bad at video games

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Call of Duty Entertainment

Why are Call of Duty’s Holiday limited-time modes so terrible?

From Valentine’s Day to Christmas to all of the Holidays of the year, these limited-time modes are beyond bad.

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Sims games Entertainment

Unpopular opinion: I hate all of the Sims games

Weird little mini-people running around in my computer? No thanks. The Sims games freak me out, and here’s why.

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Mario Entertainment

Top 5 Mario Characters I Would Let My Child Date

Not all Mario characters are created equal. And definitely, definitely, not all of the Mario characters can date my child. Here are my top 5 who could.

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Rick and Morty Entertainment

Top 5 Video Game References in Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty sure do love their video games. Here are the top 5 video game references seen throughout the series.

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How Ghoulz transformed from normal 16-year-old to Fortnite Superstar

I sat down and talked with teenage Fortnite superstar Ghoulz about his upbringing, his rise to Youtube fame, and his plans for the future.

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Rocket League Entertainment

Power-ups that should be added to Rocket League’s Rumble Mode

A couple of ideas for new power-ups that could be added!

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Rocket League Entertainment

Rocket League’s Rumble mode is wild

Rocket League + Mario Kart = awesomeness. Hop online with your boys and get cracking on Rumble mode today.

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