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Amr el Meligy is an enthusiastic athlete. From a very young age, he found himself spending countless hours playing soccer, until he made it as a professional football player in Egypt, winning a couple of individual as well as collective awards along the way. His pure passion about football led him into the path of becoming a professional gamer in EA Sports Fifa in 2014, and this is where his gaming journey started. Amr managed to complete tens of courses in Marketing, web development, journalism and content writing. Being the enthusiastic person he is, Amr has always been seeking the break that would turn his life upside down, which he believes is just around the corner for him.


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Epic Submissions from the Fortnite Concept Royale Contest Community

Epic Submissions from the Fortnite Concept Royale Contest

Check out some cool submissions from Fortnite’s Concept Royale Contest. Two fan-created outfits will appear in-game this Winter. ‘Tis the season!

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Growing your stream Business

Growing your Stream: Quality or Quantity?

If you want a major following, you need high-quality content and lots of it. But to grow, let’s focus on one thing at a time.

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Gaming Monitors Arabic

Growing Your Stream: The Best 2021 Gaming Monitors

The best gamers have the best equipment, but you don’t need to break the bank to get there. Check out our list of the top monitor upgrades.

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Preview Packs Arabic

Preview Packs: Big W, or Fat L?

Preview packs are the latest feature in Fifa Ultimate Team, but are they a win for FUT gamers? We took an in-depth look to find out.

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Egypt Arabic

Is Egypt ever gonna have good servers? Like, ever?

Gaming has rapidly evolved in the Middle East in recent years, but is the region still neglected?

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FIFA Arabic

Top 5 fastest-growing FIFA content creators in Egypt

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the most played game modes of all time, a logical reason why you would see thousands upon thousands of YouTubers, however, are you missing some of the more underrated ones?

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Captain Gomaa Arabic

Captain Gomaa Talks FIFA, Building a YouTube Channel, Egypt’s Gaming Communities, and More

FUT Youtuber Captain Gomaa skyrocketed to fame in the Egyptian and international esports scenes. But how did he make it happen?

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Consoles in Egypt Arabic

Consoles in Egypt: Exploring the Outrageous Pricing of Next-Gen

The PS5 retails for 400-500 dollars in the United States, but in Egypt, it sells for a whopping 16,000 EGP or around 1019 dollars. What’s up with that?

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